It's a funny thing but I suppose not really surprising, that as I've aged two things have become very apparent - firstly that I care a lot less every day about other people's opinion on my outfit choices and secondly that I would much rather spend a bit more money on quality clothes than less on fast fashion that falls apart after one wash. Don't get me wrong if I want to try a style that's new to me or want to get in on a trend that isn't likely to be around all that long a bit of cheap and cheerfully in style clothing is a godsend, but something that is well designed well cut and made from a good quality fabric just makes you feel so much, well, nicer! I know that in these days of forced economy not everyone is able to do this and believe me it takes self control to go a few months with no new clothes so you can invest in one piece (and yes I know I'm given clothes in exchange for promotional work sometimes) but I genuinely believe that it's worth it.

This All Over Print Satin Dress (£240.00*) by navabi is the perfect example of this philosophy and of the brand itself. Wonderful quality satin fully lined with beautifully smooth stretchy fabric, expertly cut and in the absolutely dreamiest colour palette I can imagine! I honestly can't believe I ever hated the combination of pink and orange because now it's one of my favourites especially now I'm a redhead, while the abstract painterly style print really speaks to my artistic background.

While I wore this lovely dress with some some metallic heels and a clutch bag for a wedding guest look I adore it so much I wanted a way to dress it down for everyday wear, so when I spotted this striped maxi length shirt in my wardrobe I knew it was the one. Sadly this is an old ASOS piece but there are several similar items available from other plus size retailers at the minute. With comfy shoes being key to my personal aesthetic and wellbeing my Silver Glove Echo Trainers from Clarks (£55.00*) seemed like an ideal choice and the metallic leather added that final bit of sparkle that my heart always desires.

Photography by KM Photographic

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