This page is here to explain how I write my posts and about the products I review.

All reviews on this website are written by me, Nancy Whittington-Coates, and in my own words. All opinions are my own as are the photographs, unless credited to another artist with an 'image source' link. Please do me the same courtesy if you want to use any of my pictures!

I am 100% honest in all of my reviews and will include any negative aspects (should there be any) as well as the positives. I often write about items that I have purchased with my own money, however now and again I am lucky enough to be gifted items to review - if this is the case the item will be marked with a *.

I occasionally use affiliate links to link to specific featured products (this generates a small commission). Products received as gifts will be marked as such in posts where they appear and I will always specify if a post has been sponsored.

If you have any further queries after reading this please feel free to email me at