Your kiss is cosmic, every move is magic

I have loved fashion my entire life, since I was a very young girl. My parents and the ladies on my mum's side of the family especially are all very stylish and I think it was inevitable that my sister and I would also develop a great love for clothes and make up. My love for glamour and styles of past decades was also clear from a young age, fuelled by coffee table photography books that my parents had and the classic movies that I'd watch with my dad, but for a long time this seemed a style that would always be out of my grasp due to my size. Over the last few years however I have been lucky enough to acquire and sometimes even model beautiful pieces of clothing that hark back to bygone eras of elegance and femininity that make me feel wonderful and beautiful. Realising that you have accomplished the look you had wanted to have since you were a little girl really is a wonderful thing and my love goes out to all the designers and brands out there that are making fashion dreams come true for women all over the world.

This dress is one of these pieces, a 1920's-esque dream of a gown, like a dress from my dreams. The team at Simply Be were lovely enough to send me this dress as a wedding gift and I plan to wear it on the evening of our wedding day when we head for dinner at a jazz supper club in San Francisco. I can't think of a dress that would be more appropriate for the occasion! The pictures make it obvious that this is a stunning piece with a wonderful cut, layered lovely fabrics and incredible beading but my absolute favourite detail is the scalloping to the sleeves.

Thank you so much Simply Be for making another of my fashion dreams come true and for being so generous as to gift me with this delightful dress, I will forever be grateful!

Scalloped Sleeve Sequin Maxi Dress - Simply Be - £135.00*
Hollographic Pumps with Gem Heels - Marks and Spencer - Old
Diamante Hair Chain - Bought on the Belgrave Road in Leicester - £8.00

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*This post contains items that were gifted. For more information head to my disclaimer page.

She looks like witchcraft

I'm the first to admit that my inner teenage goth is alive and well and still draws me to the spooky, elegant and macabre. Although some of my teenage years were filled with Opeth shirts and New Rock boots my adult dark side prefers the more feminine, glamorous path. Unfortunately however, it can be tricky to find these kind of pieces in plus sizes probably because the steriotypical witch like lady is thin and waif like, but I think an easy way of accomplishing the look at a larger size is to layer simple pieces and bring them to life with beautifully creepy jewellery and accessories. Here are a few of my favourite pieces...

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Say NO to chub rub with Chaffree!

It's not often that you come across a life changing piece of clothing, but I can safely say that I am head over heels in love with Chaffree's Knickerboxers. I love wearing skirts and dresses without tights cause I love flashing my lovely leg tattoos, but up until now I've been severely let down by every anti-chafing pair of shorts that I've tried. So many problems arise, either the legs roll up or the fabric stretches so they go baggy and don't protect your thighs or they just aren't long enough for my thighs. Well now I have found the perfect solution I can spend my honeymoon in the USA and Summer in the UK tightless - hooray!

I won't lie, I was a little sceptical when the lovely people at Chaffree asked me if I'd like to give their product a go because I've been let down so many times before, but believe me these are the real deal! Knickerboxers* are a wonderful seamless and stretchy pair of shorts made from a magical fabric that keeps you cool and sweat free thanks to its wicking properties, the same technology used in good quality sportswear to keep moisture away from your body which naturally also helps with the prevention of chafing and irritation caused by perspiration. The fabric is also latex free and anti-bacterial which is great news for any allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. My favourite thing about the Knickerboxers is that you can get them in two leg lengths and in two waist lengths so you know you'll be able to find the perfect fit!

These are hands down the comfiest shorts I've ever owned and they kept their shape all day with no rolling of the legs or the waist. They're super soft too and the seamless detail makes them the perfect thing to wear under fitted clothing so you don't get the dreaded VPL. Prices start at £19 for one pair but you get a discount the more pairs you order. I will definitely be stocking up for my honeymoon in the USA, they'll be perfect for hot days walking around Vegas and Florida and now the worry of chub rub is all gone!

I was also lucky enough to try the Chaffree Briefs* too which are made of the same fabulous fabric and come in either midi or full coverage for the tummy and most interestingly are available in standard and wide leg so if you have big thighs like me you're still all set! I found both standard and wide leg comfortable but the wide leg definitely did feel more natural. These are now definitely sharing my number one undies spot with my faithful Sloggi shaping briefs!

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