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If you've not been following me since the beginning of this blog, you may not know that in my past I was VERY into vintage fashion. I used to set my hair like Marilyn Monroe, all my clothes were inspired by 1950's stylings or earlier and I even used to have a little business doing retro hair styling at vintage fairs. Although my personal style has evolved over time I've never lost my appreciation for fashion history and the high glamour of decades past. When I noticed this dress on the Karen Millen website I just adored the sexy yet refined look and how unusual it is to see a faux leather dress in this flared midi style as opposed to the usual bodycon styles you often see in this fabric.

Honestly when I ordered it I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to style this beautiful frock, but when I put it on I immediately felt the secret agent vibes and knew I had to go all the way with a campy glam vintage inspired look. A beret was an obvious choice but boy was I thrilled when I spotted this gorgeous heart shaped bag and its shiny bold red patent finish! I love how the look turned out even though it's hardly an everyday outfit, but isn't that part of the fun of fashion?

I think this dress actually runs pretty big and I would ideally have had a size smaller, so if you're thinking of grabbing one keep that in mind! 


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Faux Leather Belted Midi Shirt Dress by Karen Millen - £104.30 *on sale*

Heart Crossbody Bag in Red by ASOS DESIGN - £24.00

Red Wool Beret by ASOS DESIGN - £3.50 *on sale*

Photos by the wonderful Syrens Studio!


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Oh my gosh darling, this dress has to be one of my favourites of late. I've been pretty bored with a lot of the stuff that's coming out in my size at the moment, part of which is I think my age because I did the Nineties fashion thing IN the 1990's and it really doesn't hold that much appeal to me...! Plus I think my personal aesthetic is a bit more polished slash glamorous than a lot of what is in style right now. I'm just not a jeans and graphic tee gal, you know? 

It's quite clear from my wardrobe that I bloody love a shirt dress and when I see one in as wonderful a print as this I just had to snap it up. I've tried three things (I think..) from Dancing Leopard's plus size range so far and I've been impressed with each one. I would say their fit is on the generous size and the build and quality of the fabrics is really nice, alongside their use of clever comfort led detailing like the back of their belts having a stretch pleated section. I love this because it means when you sit the band expands so the belt doesn't feel like it's trying to cut you in half which can be the case with non stretch belted shirt dresses!

Obviously I needed to add a little bit of fun to the look so when this beautiful soft faux fur bag in a coordinating shade of blue popped up on ASOS I snatched it up, then teamed it with some M&S wide fit boots that I was thrilled to find on Vinted after I passed them up when I saw them in store and then regretted not buying! Isn't that just one of the best things about buying preloved?!


The following are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commision if you make a purchase from one of the. This helps me cover the costs of photoshoots and running my website and social accounts - thank you so much for your support!

Dove Dress in Cami Abstract Blue Print by Dancing Leopard - £62.00

Faux Fur Shoulder Bag in Blue by Thradbare Ski at ASOS - £18.00

Boots - Marks & Spencer - Old Vinted purchase *sorry guys*

Photos by the wonderful Syrens Studio!


So my darlings, this is the first dress I've tried from the Karen Millen Plus Size range. It wasn't that long ago that I actually found out that KM did plus (sizes 18-24 currently) and honestly the higher price point has put me off. But... after trying my first piece (a coat that I am absolutely obsessed with) I honestly think the price is justified partly because of the great quality but mostly because it's one of the few brands that is offering something different in larger sizes right now. 

One of the things that has alwayhs set Karen Millen apart for me is their prints and this dress is no exception. A large scale floral is hardly rare on a plus size dress, but this more contemporary take in a palette of deep browns and acid greens was so eye catching and unusual that I couldn't resist it. With it's pleated skirt and belt I was already sold, but when I noticed the gold tone hardware I knew it had to be mine. Seriously show me a piece of clothing or an accessory with gold tone buckles and clips instead of silver and you have my instant attention.

The sizing on this dress was bang on - I'm wearing a size 20 here and am currently an 18 on top and a 20 on the bottom, so the top was a smidge loose but not to the point where it looks too big I feel. To be honest if I had a bigger bust it probably would have been right on the mark.


The following are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commision if you make a purchase from one of the. This helps me cover the costs of photoshoots and running my website and social accounts - thank you so much for your support!

Floral Printed Georgette Dress by Karen Millen - £95.20 *on sale*

Keep you eyes peeled for another Karen Millen Plus dress heading to this blog very soon...!

Photos by the wonderful Syrens Studio!

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Long gone are the days when I would get all dressed up in an uncomfortable outfit, no matter what time of year it is. I well remember parties and night's out before I was more confident in my own skin, squeezed into the tightest shapewear or freezing my tush off because I just couldn't wear a jacket and cover up the skin I was so carefully letting show! Well I definitely ain't got time for that anymore, I'd much rather be comfy and enjoy my evening, so picking outfits for a party is a very different situation now.

Of course at Christmas time a bit of sparkle is a must, but this year I just wasn't thinking sequins and wanted to create a look with more texture. I was especially on the hunt for a modern textile to switch things up a little, so I was thrilled when I spotted a traditional cable knit jumper but with a futuristic looking metallic silver coating. It was an oversized style so I sized down and thankfully the interior was still nice and soft, but most importantly it was lovely and warm. Teamed with a brushed satin style skirt and a studded bag it really was a great mix of textures that I finished off with a ribbon necklace. Call me cheesy (and many have...) but I felt kinda like a present and really, what better a time of year for it.


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Silver Metallic Cable Knit Jumper by 4th & Reckless Plus - £45.00

Silver Satin Bias Cut Midaxi Skirt by New Look - £14.00 *on sale*

Black Boots by Replay at TK Maxx - Sold Out

Satin Bow Choker by Reclaimed Vintage - £10.99

Mini Bag with Studding by Glamorous at ASOS - £19.50 *on sale*

Photos by the wonderful Syrens Studio!

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The bricks of a beautiful old building. Aperol spritzes in the sun. Pumpkins and Autumn leaves. The sunset on water. Some of the most gorgeous things in this world are orange, so it was clear to me in this dreary, rainy January of 2024 that an orange outfit was what I needed to bring a little warmth and cheer to my life.

As striking as this look is, it's also supremely comfortable and believe me when I say that this orange coat is one of the toastiest I own and while this stunning coord isn't something I'd normally think of wearing as a day to day look, when worn over some tights and a black roll neck it was transformed into a fit I'd be happy even wearing to the office. One note on things from PrettyLittleThing - I almost always size up by one when it's not an oversizes style and especially with skirts, I sized up twice in this one to get the fit I personally liked.


The following are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commision if you make a purchase from one of the. This helps me cover the costs of photoshoots and running my website and social accounts - thank you so much for your support!

Orange Faux Wool Maxi Coat by Simply Be - £59.25 *on sale*

Cotton Rich Slim Fit Top by Marks & Spencer - £12.50

Tie Dye Printed Lettuce Hem Mesh Top by PrettyLittleThing - £8.50 *on sale*

Tie Dye Printed Lettuce Hem Mesh Midi Skirt by PrettyLittleThing - £11.520 *on sale*

Becca Platform Ankle Sock Boots Wide Fit by Simply Be - £43.20 *on sale*

Aldo Darendar Across Body Bag - £35.00 *on sale*

And if you're interested in my jewellery, it's mostly by Musee Roo (not an affiliate link)

Photos by the wonderful Syrens Studio!


It'll come as no surprise to most of those reading this when I say that even though we've come a long way in the last ten years, there are still a lot of things the plus size community misses out on. In the UK especially, one of those things is high quality clothing at a price that is affordable to a lot of people. Of course we have Marina Rinaldi, Anna Scholz and a few others but to most their pieces are prices out of our every day wear. Personally I do believe in spending a bit more ton clothing to get high quality fabrics and lasting pieces, but I too am not in the demographic that can afford to spend £300+ on a single item. Maybe one day, a gal can dream eh? But my reason for mentioning this is because I want to introduce (or remind of to those in the know) a wonderful brand called Kasbah Clothing.

Nancy wears a plus size dress in a black, orange and pink print

Kasbah Clothing have been around for some years now, started by Heather Benhrima, a British designer who took the leap from designing for other brands to starting her own. Heather is based in beautiful Marrakech where she designs and oversees the making of the pieces that are then shipped here where the UK based team despatch them to you. I tried some of their linen pieces a few years ago and was impressed then, so when the team got in touch to see if I'd like to try some of their current collection of course I jumped at the chance. 

Aside from the stunning quality fabrics, exciting prints and the amazing make up quality of Kasbah pieces, I just adore the cut of every item which have clearly had so much though put into them. The dresses especially always hang beautifully. Personally I don't like the phrase 'flattering' because we should all wear what makes us feel great individually whether that be loose fitting or body hugging, but all of Kasbah's pieces are designed to look fabulous on a range of body shapes. Clever cuts and designs are the secret to creating great clothes for any size and Heather clearly has a great talent for this, creating clothing that is comfortable and stylish on larger bodies and that can be worn in different ways depending on your style. You can see above that I'm wearing the Rafaella Dress with a belt here to emphassise my waist, but in the image below where I'm in the Rolanda Dress I've foregone the belt to let the relaxed shape shine. Honestly, I'm kind of obsessed with the cut of Kasbah's dresses.

Nancy wears a plus size blue velvet dress from Kasbah Clothing

And it's not just dresses that Kasbah excel at! One of my most worn outfits currently teams the Sheena Skirt and the Oversized Leopard Cardigan with a warm roll neck sweater. Such an easy look but one that looks really put together, is super comfortable and just perfect for the cold weather we have right now. Again the quality of both of these pieces is just fabulous and will no doubt last me for years to come, as will the look of the pieces themselves - timeless and chic, so they'll never go out of style.

Like I said up above, us plus size gals are very hard put to find high quality, classic pieces that aren't out of our price range and Kasbah Clothing are definitely here to fill that void in our lives. Versatile and timeless, I know I'll be adding more and more of their pieces to my wardobe that I'll be wearing for years to come. Here are just a few of my top picks from their current collection:

*** The pieces I'm wearing in this post were kindly gifted by the brand ***

Let's be honest this year has been one full of anxiety and the unknown, but even though we still don't know how we'll be celebrating Christmas this year there are a few things about the festive season we can control - one of them being the drinks cabinet! 

Although I'm a huge huge cocktail fan and love a glass of red I don't drink that much usually, however this takes a turn when the festive season turns around and although I don't go overboard (I hate being drunk and I hate hangovers even more) I definitely enjoy a tipple far more frequently. Although some of my old favourites are still included I definitely have some Christmas specific drinkies that I return to every year and this little drinks guide is a mix of the two.

This isn't to say that this list should only be used as a personal indulgence list either as any of these bottles would make a fabulous present. In fact you'll see below that a few of them you can order to arrive perfectly gift wrapped, ready for giving.

PS - a few of these bottles were gifted to me and if they were they'll be marked with a *


I'm going to kick off by introducing you to a company that's new to me called Independent Wine. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Italian food and drink (and fashion and scenery and architecture and well... most things) so I was thrilled when these guys got in touch - finding a supplier of great Italian wine who offer super quick delivery and give you lots of information to help you choose bottles you'll love? I'm sold! I love the concept and the fact that there is so much knowledge given there on the site in a friendly non-pretencious manner, so I can learn while I'm picking bottles and not have to worry that I might have bought a wine I'm going to end up disliking. Oh and did I mention right now they're offering free next day delivery and free gift wrapping?! Now let's talk about the two bottles they kindly sent my way:

306 Biologico Nero d’Avola 2017 Sicilia DOC* £18.19 How much do I love thee, let me count the ways... Honestly it's been a long time since I've found a new wine that I like as much as this and let me tell you it would be perfect for a Christmas dinner bottle. Truth be told I've never been a huge lover of Nero d'Avola but this was clearly because I'd not met the right bottle and now I find one I click with I'll be trying more, but only after I've had my fill of this beauty.
It's a beautiful deeply berried red with pronounced spice and oaky, almost leathery notes which in my opinion makes it an ideal pairing for the aromatically spiced dishes that form a Christmas dinner with the fruity tang working with cranberry sauce to provide a balance to all those rich, decadent flavours. Honesty is the best policy however and you better believe I'll be drinking this with many different dishes, including nothing at all in front of a good movie.

Siddùra Erema 2016 | Cannonau di Sardegna DOC* £18.40 Another berry forward red, this time I feel a little crisper with less woodiness but still with those gorgeous warm black peppery notes that leave your tongue dancing with glee. Again this would be a perfect roast dinner accompaniment, but it was a lovely partner to cut the creaminess fatiness of a quick ciccetti I made with ricotta and cured meats on little toasts with a drizzle of truffle honey. 

The Tidal Rum £34.95 When you think of Christmas then brandy usually jumps to your mind, but we like taking inspiration from our American cousins with a nice hot buttered rum every now and again to warm the cockles. Sometimes though you're looking for something different to break up the barrage of festive decadence and that's where this delightful rum comes in - as an after dinner digestif to help settle the stomach and cleanse the palate. Just add a measure to glass with lots of ice, lime just and a good crack of black pepper and top with soda water then sip away! It's a very different taste to your usual golden rums, I think with more of a whiskey edge so it would be a perfect gift for a rum fan who would enjoy trying something more unique.

Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino Vermouth £14.95 I've long been a fan of a V&T (vermouth and tonic) but I used to feel a bit embarassed ordering it as it seemed so old fashioned, now however this delightful drink is making a big come back so I can now order it with glee almost everywhere! Rosso or red vermouth is my favourite being sweeter than its bianco sister and as I'm a self professed acolite of the wonderful Nigella Lawson it's a shock to no-one that as soon as I saw her making her 'Venetian' cocktail made from rosato or pink vermouth with pomegranate juice and ginger ale I just had to try it. I didn't have any pink so I used this wonderful and brilliantly priced red vermouth and it's become one of my absolute favourite drinks, so I highly recommend you try it yourself or use this in a lovely bitter sweet Americano.

Zymurgorium Original Manchester Sloe Gin* £24.99 In this house you just can't do Christmas without sloe gin, that delicious bitter yet syrupy concoction that is so often one of the first grown up drinks you get to try as a little one! Usually I try and hunt out some sloes in October to make my own batch or two but this year none were to be found so I went looking for a wonderful premade version and found it on one of my favourite gifting sites Prezzybox! They were lovely enough to send me this bottle and I'm definitely not missing my homemade version with this beaut in the drinks cabinet.

Luzardo Sour Cherry Gin* £30.95 I've talked about this lip smackingly delicious gin before on here and whipped up a few cocktails with it, but I think it's so perfect to give your festive G&T's a twist in both colour and taste that I couldn't resist including it here. And while you're at it, a big old jar of luxardo cherries will also add a special something to just about any drink be it boozy or virgin!

Bulleit Bourbon £28.00 (but currently £22 at Asda!) My all year round favourite every day bourbon for drinking with coke, as an old fashioned or in a myriad of cocktails, Bulleit is my go to. I just love the sweet, caramelly, smokey flavour and it comes in a sexy bottle too. Always a good gift, always a good drink, usually makes for a good evening.


Have a wonderful festive season friends, it might be an odd one but we can definitely still make it special even if we are limited when it comes to who we spend it with.

N xxx