Hello darlings and welcome to my blog! I'm Nancy, a self confessed glamour addicted fat babe in my late twenties. I'm a Social Media Marketing Assistant and Project Researcher by day and a blogger, designer and YouTuber by night. I live in a beautiful old cottage in a very small village in stunning Leicestershire, right in the middle of the UK. I'm blissfully married to my husband Pete with whom I share our little Grade II listed abode, along with our little gremlin of a Sphinx cat Cleo, a myriad of paintings and pretty old 'things' and my ever expanding wardrobe. 

I am a great lover of femme fatale and film noir style, pre-1960's architecture and design, coffee and cocktails, pretty tattoos, old movies, pansies and orchids and anemonies and anything violet, peach or marshmallow scented. I have always had a great love for the dark and mysterious, Victorian ghost stories, Gothic architecture and literature and the melancholy and macabre. I am a passionate member of the National Trust and one of my absolute favourite things to do in the world is to spend a day wandering around a gorgeous old stately home. In my past I've run a mail order bakery and a mobile vintage hairstyling salon and I'm a huge fan of The Moomins.

I started Sugar, Darling? back in 2011 originally as a place to diary my vintage finds, recipes and beautiful and inspirational things that I'd found online. In 2013 I was convinced by my husband and my friends to share my first plus size style post and I haven't looked back since - to me that is when SD? was really born! This blog is now my little online home where I share my favourite outfits and beauty products along with hair and make up tips, features on the artists, designers, musicians, people and things that inspire me most, snippets into my day to day life and adventures and even the odd advice post. I launched my YouTube channel on New Years Day 2016 and I'm currently working on my directory of wonderful restaurants and places to visit in the Midlands, especially the two cities I live between - Leicester and Nottingham.

The theme that runs through my life, in my home, my personal style and my personality is mixing the contemporary with the classic. I live in a cottage built in the 1800's which is filled with both antiques and technology, fine art and modern screen prints. The two sides to my personality clash all the time. I am a confident person, modern in my opinions about body positivity and feminism, yet at the same time I am quite old fashioned in some sensibilities and some might say overly polite. I set my hair in classic retro curls yet dye it a very contemporary silver ombre. I am a living breathing oxymoron.

My style crashes between 'all black all the time' and 'colour and glitter and patterns oh my' every couple of weeks - life is too full to stick to the same thing for too long. To be blunt, I like what I like and I don't care if you don't!

I want need you to know that there is more to life than your dress size. 

Nothing makes me sadder than hearing other women hating on themselves and I hear it all the damn time. It baffles me that most people go through their lives being their own worst bully, knocking themselves down constantly and never making peace with themselves. Everyone deserves to be happy, life is tough enough as it is so why aren't we all working towards making ourselves and each other more gleeful and content just as we are?

I truly believe that style has no size - being plus size makes you no less beautiful than someone who is a size zero. Your appearance is your business and no-one elses, so wear what you want, do your make up and hair how you like it and never let anyone shame you for it. I'd much rather be fat than a bully, wouldn't you?

Don't obsess over your size, obsess over your happiness - they are not the same thing.

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