Hello darling! If this is your first visit to my website you may well be looking for a little more info about me, so here goes! 

I'm Nancy and I'm a fat woman with a fashion addiction. I just turned 30 and I'm a Marketing Manager by day and a blogger, artist and YouTuber by night. I live in a beautiful old cottage in a very small village in between Leicester and Nottingham, right in the heart of the UK. I'm blissfully married to my husband Pete with whom I share our little Grade II listed abode along with our little gremlin of a Sphinx cat Cleo and cheeky English Bulldog name Betty, a myriad of paintings and pretty old 'things' and my ever expanding wardrobe. 

I started Sugar, Darling? back in 2011 originally as a place to diary my vintage fair finds, recipes and beautiful and inspirational things that I'd found online but in 2013 I was convinced by my husband and friends to share my first plus size style post and I haven't looked back since - to me that is when SD was really born. Since then my blog has brought me many amazing opportunities working with amazing brands, modelling and even interviewing the odd celebrity! I've been featured in several print and online publications such as Bustle, Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post and have worked with brands such as navabi, Simply Be, Evans, ELVI, Boohoo, Missguided, MAC Cosmetics, Lush, House of Fraser, intu Shopping Centres and many many more. I am extremely proud to have become a style and culture influencer for women around the world and can't wait to see what the future will bring with even more hard work!

This blog is now my online home where I share my favourite outfits and beauty products along with hair and make up tips, restaurant reviews, features on the artists, designers, musicians, people and things that inspire me most, snippets into my day to day life and adventures and even the odd advice post. I launched my YouTube channel on New Years Day 2016 where I mainly share make up tutorials and fashion lookbooks and I'm currently working on my directory of wonderful restaurants and places to visit in the Midlands.

I want need you to know that there is more to life than your dress size. Being fat should never hold you back or stop you doing anything that you've set your heart on.

I truly believe that style has no size - being plus size makes you no less beautiful than someone who is a size zero. Your appearance is your business and no-one else's so wear what you want, do your make up and hair how you like it and never let anyone shame you for it. I'd much rather be fat than a bully, wouldn't you?

Don't obsess over your size, obsess over your happiness - they are not the same thing.

Here are some features that make me very proud!

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