I don't know about you but right now here in the UK it's pretty darn hard to know what to wear with the weather changing drastically several times a day! This is when transitional pieces come into their own, but it can sometimes be hard to translate these pieces to work for different occasions and keep the look on trend. Here I've taken three looks straight from the catwalk and shown you how they can be channeled with pieces from plus size heroes navabi!

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The colour palette of Roksanda's latest RTW collection was really yellow-centric with tones ranging from pale pastel to fiery mustard to the near orange colour of egg yolk. In a world that tells us fat babes to hide away in dark colours I just love wearing bright shades and saying a big eff you to anyone that says I shouldn't be able to find fashionable clothes for my plump bod. This colour is a great choice for both casual and formal occasions and looks great layered, mixing different shades of yellow and fabric textures.

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For quite some time in my mind a sequin embellishment made me think of 1950's prom frocks, the 1980's or the incredible outfits of Country kings and queens like Dolly Parton. As a vintage style lover I've never been afraid to rock the look, but its only recently I've considered wearing it in a more contemporary way or even as a daytime look. Christopher Kane has really embraced the embellished look this season and I especially love his teaming these formal pieces with outrageous sparkly trainers!

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As Spring has hit its no surprise that we're starting to see more and more sheer fabrics hitting the stores. Stella McCartney's runway included some really gorgeous floaty maxi dresses with exaggerated sleeves and ruching. I love the romantic vibe of chiffon and the sexy semi-sheer layers, especially when dressed down with trainers and an athleisure style bag.