Well it's a new year my darlings and you may have noticed a few changes around here, most obviously that this website has had a spruce up and a layout and logo change for 2019! You may also spot a bit of a content change from now on as I'm making this my year of intention which sounds vomit inducing and naff to the utmost, but what I mean is that I'm going to be taking things slower, being more organised, putting my all into everything I do so that I only produce content that I'm proud of and reflects exactly what I want it to and that I'm going to stop comparing myself, my life and my work to other people's. To be honest I've always created content that I love myself and it's obvious that my style is my own and has never followed the typical blogger cliches but I know that I've been guilty of putting work into the world that I knew could have been better just because I felt I needed to be posting more and that not only means imagery and words that are rushed and not to the standard I want to hold myself to but also not as good as my lovely followers deserve.

New Years is a time when we all get very reflective and quite rightly so take a more selfish look at the world and what we want to change and improve for ourselves and that's no bad thing as long as it's done with good intentions. This year however I want to improve my life by helping to improve other people's too. I want to be here to help others embrace their individuality, welcome self love into their lives and realise the things that they should really prioritise to make their lives feel more positive, fulfilling and happy so please do watch this space and follow my social media channels to see some YOU focussed content coming very soon.

It seemed only right to start the year with a truly marvelous piece of clothing. It really isn't often that long established companies with a rich history in creating stunning garments offers pieces to the plus size market, let alone the same pieces that they offer in smaller sizes. It's even less often that this company is one that produces premium quality, luxurious and fabulously fitting garments. This is why I knew that this Orietta Embroidery Dress (£238.00 currently on sale from £340.00*) by Gina Bacconi had to be the piece to kick off 2019.

I highly recommend that before browsing their beautiful ranges you click here to have a read of the company history because it's so fascinating and impressive - hello creators of the bandages dress and the Spice Girls 'Official Spice Gear'! It just so happens to be laid out in a lovely pictoral time line with some stunning photos dating all the way back to the company's inception back in 1913.

But let's talk about the dress. I love a nice bit of embroidery and I love even more the feeling of decadence and delight that an entirely embroidered piece gives, but let's face it over the last few years of the embroidery craze we've seen some pretty poor quality stuff and it shows. If you've seen lovingly created vintage pieces, artisinal work or wandered through designer boutiques eyeing up stunning premium pieces you know that cheap embroidery just doesn't compare. It never conveys the richness of colour, the dimension or the drama and just gets lost as a throw away detail. This dress is in no way something that blends into the background. With it's dramatic palette of pistachio greens and delicate pinks contrasting against a midnight black base it can't fail to grab attention and emit elegance and femininity. A time honoured style with a full skirt, fitted bodice and three quarter sleeves with ruffled cuffs it is classic and refined with a modernity brought in by the sheer yolk and sleeves and the dreamy colour palette.

As you can imagine there is some weight to the dress due to the amount of rich embroidery, but it doesn't weigh you down and holds a beautiful shape while being soft and comfortable against the skin. It fits me like a glove, feeling perfectly draped when standing or sitting and is at a lovely length that allows for the wearing of anti chafing shorts if required but also works with lots of different show types be they flats, heeled sandals, court shoes or ankle boots. This is a dress that I will treasure and wear for many years to come, a dress for the ages one might say.

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.