You know when I was looking through these photographs and saw the smile on my face, the title of this post popped straight into my mind. If you have been following me for a while now you may well know that for the last few years I have struggled with depression and although I still do, since changing job I feel like a whole new person. The thought of going to work no longer fills me with dread and I'm so so so much happier now that I'm in a role where I can use my creative skills - its what I've been missing my whole life and now I'm doing it I think how lucky I am at least once a day. There's no denying that I'm a much happier person and I really think this shows in these pics, although another big part of that is that my photographer and good friend Bex was making me giggle! 

This outfit is a special one to me as each piece I am wearing is beautifully made and really high quality - something I love to celebrate as this has been a hard thing to come by in plus size fashion for far too long. This dream of a frock is Elvi's Black Mesh Beaded Dress (£55.00*) and it is just SO lovely! Mesh is nothing new on the fatshion scene, but it is often dull, thin and easily snagged and looks dreadful after a few washes; but this is something completely different - thicker and with structure to it with enough substance to hold the beautiful spherical metal beads in place with no fear or ripping. I adore how the overlay dress is mid calf length while the separate lip dress that comes along with it is above the knee so you can see lots of lovely sheer fabric! This is a great piece because its so versatile and can be dressed up or down and the fact that the beading is to the front and back is wonderful, although after a while sitting down they press into you a bit and so I tend to wear this for standing occasions rather than sat down events!

On top of this delightful dress is one of the best plus size coats I have ever seen from the ever fabulous navabi, the Manon Baptiste Belted Open Front Felt Jacket (£199.99*). I'm sure you will agree with me that this is one of the most glorious shades of pink ever and the style is just dreamy with its large collar, relaxed button-less fit and waist belt. I've never had a felt jacket before and so was unsure if I would enjoy the feel of it against my skin, but believe me its smooth and warm and I love the look of the clean cut edging as the fabric doesn't need to be hemmed. This is yet another example of how navabi and Manon Baptiste are providing us with top quality, style led pieces that are thoughtfully designed and feel special. Hitting the ball out of the park once again guys!

Now I really need to tell you about this scarf because I am absolutely obsessed with it. This stunning piece is the Black Leather Scarf by Costin London (£310.00*) and let me tell you, I think this will be an item that I will carry on wearing and loving for many many many years to come. The brand itself was created by Sally Costin-Brown who wanted to offer a capsule collection of meticulously designed basics using luxurious, natural fabrics. The collection is truly stunning - amazing chic and simple pieces custom-made by hand in the UK in neutral tones that allow you to show off your personality and style with your teamed pieces, footwear, accessories and make up. While the clothing pieces are not currently available in plus sizes I think one of these beautiful scarves (also available in rich wine and classic camel shades) is an iconic piece for any wardrobe. 

When you think of a leather scarf it may sound odd and you may think it would be stiff and hard to wear, but these scarves are made from the most beautifully buttery soft lambs leather and silk velvet so it drapes exquisitely, keeps you toasty warm and can be tied, wrapped and draped in many different ways. My favourite thing about this scarf is the two sides being different, luxurious textures. Adding this to an outfit adds immediate interest and dimension to your look, elevating anything it sits against to a whole new level of style. This is a piece that will never go out of fashion and will only improve with age as the leather becomes even more supple. Each of the three available colours is a timelessly chic shade that is easily teamed with pretty much any colour scheme and it looks and feels so very special and decadent - I told you I was obsessed!

The final touch to this look was some fabulous over the top earrings that I grabbed on my last London trip from H&M - Large Silver Mouth Earrings (£6.99). They have my favourite kind of fixing that allows me to thread them through my tunnels and the mirror effect acrylic is so eye catching I just adore it. The fitting accessory to finish this joyful ensemble for sure!

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.