If there's one thing I consider an essential for a Summer wardrobe, it's some really fun prints. Bold florals, gorgeous African batiques, fruity repeat patterns, novelty designs like cocktails and vintage cars - I am all over it. 

Now we all know I have a real penchant for an oriental inspired embroidered piece but these tend to be on quite heavy fabrics that are a little too hot for this season, so finding this LIMITED COLLECTION Black Tiger & Floral Print Wrap Dress (£36.99*) emblazoned with a delightful blossom and roaring tiger print was a dream! The wrap style and fluttery sleeves are almost kimono-like and make for a perfect warm weather dress - it's also really generously sized and I could easily have dropped down one. Its also nice and secure with a button and belt to tie so you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone!

To protect myself from those sudden light showers that are usually so present during an English summer the LIMITED COLLECTION Dusty Pink Silky Embroidered Bomber Jacket (£35.99*) was an obvious choice. Not only does the dusky pink satin compliment the flowers on the dress but the embroidery on the back again echoes the oriental influence that I love so much.

Yours Clothing have got lots more delightful printed pieces in their current range, if you'd like to take a peek just click here!

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.