My name is Nancy and I have an addiction. To perfume. 

I have no doubt inherited this from my mum and I am very thankful for it, although my bank balance may be less so! Ever since I was young I have adored fragrance and it has always been tradition in our household for my sister and I to be given a bottle of perfume each Christmas - more often than not, it is by Guerlain.

We are definitely a Guerlain family and throughout the years all of our special occasions, parties and great moments have been punctuated with one of their scents - we even had the 'Baby Guerlain' scents when we were toddlers! La Petite Robe Noir will always be one of my favourites and I wore this on my wedding day as it was the first perfume my husband had ever given me as a gift. All of their scents just seem so timeless and unique, but that is no wonder as they have been creating perfumes, beauty products and make up since 1928 when they were founded in Paris. I highly encourage you to read a little more about the brand on their website because it's a fascinating and inspiring history.

On a recent trip to London with my sister, we had our usual stroll through Selfridges and stopped off at the Guerlain counter to check out any new scents. Naturally we got talking to one of their fabulous team and we spent a good half our sniffing away to our hearts content, but I didn't expect to fall so head over heels in love with a new perfume. I go two ways with perfume either wanting something sweet and candy-like or heading in the opposite direction and craving dramatic, leathery, warm and woody scents that have a real air of mystery about them. Upon hearing this I was introduced by the assistant to a scent called Santal Royal (£125.00 for 125ml) which is basically Guerlain's ode to 'the treasures of the East and one of the rarest and most precious ingredients in the perfume world' sandalwood.

I just cannot put into works how much I adore this fragrance, it's just so decadent and delicious and makes me feel uplifted, sexy and oh so special. Guerlain's description of the scent details the make up of this fabulous perfume - 'This mysterious, syrupy and enchanting scent fuses top notes of neroli and jasmine with middle notes of peach, rose and cinnamon finishing with base notes of sandalwood, leather, amber, oud and musk'. 

If you too enjoy dramatic, deep perfumes with an undoubted sensual side you simply must get yourself a bottle of this instantly classic fragrance.

'Shrouded in mystery, the bewitching sandalwood note is exalted in a new oriental fragrance, a study of subtle contrasts between the dark notes of leather and oud wood, and the luminous floral notes of jasmine and rose.'