In case you don't know, as well as writing this blog I also contribute articles to an amazing online magazine called She Might Be. My most recent post discusses the phenomenon of fat women avoiding certain fabrics that they feel (or that others have told them) should not be worn by plus size people as they aren't 'flattering'. Well we all know I'm in the f**k flattering camp and believe that you should wear whatever you like because the only person's opinion about your outfit that matters is yours and I feel this outfit here is a prime example of that.

I love this outfit, but I know full well that it does nothing to hide my so called body flaws and I just don't care because it makes me happy! I adore how this Mesh Zip Up Top by ELVI (£39.00) has a touch of sparkle and is an oversized style so can be worn so many different ways. It doesn't hide any of my rolls and I love it tied into a crop top style like this showing a little of my tummy; plus it means I can give a sexy glimpse of this beautiful Ashley Graham Bra from Navabi (£51.00*) too. It's such a thrill to me that I've been able to find such a piece in my size! 

This top looks great with a vest top and some jeans or even worn like a jacket over a plain black bodycon, but when I saw this Striped Embroidered Midi Skirt (£59.00) on the ELVI site I knew I had to team them together as the pop of red embroidery would combine so well! This skirt really has everything I love - midi length, black and white stripes, embroidery and a touch of sparkle to the waistband, what a dream!

Obviously to complete the sports luxe look some banging trainers were necessary, so I threw on my new faves the adidas Originals Lace Print Superstars (£75.00)  to complete the look.

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