So, I'm sure by now most of you know about the phenomenon of the monthly box, be it in the form of a box of beauty products, jewellery, pin badges, gifts, stationery or pretty much anything you can think of really. Well I'm here today to tell you about a new one that has just hit the market, the Love Food Box. This little baby arrives at your door once a month and includes the ingredients to make a super delicious indulgent treat, the likes of which you may have seen on the smash hit Love Food Instagram feed!

As they knew I'm a big fan of baking (and delicious stuff) the team very kindly sent me a box to try out! I was very excited when I arrived to see what yummy recipe I would be whipping up and was thrilled when I opened it up to reveal the ingredients for S'Mores Brookies!

A 'brookie' is a sort of cookie-brownie hybrid, so it's uber chocolatey with a thin cookie shape but a gooey chew like a brownie. To kick it into s'mores territory this recipe tells you to sandwich two of these babies together with toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate - doesn't sound half bad does it?!

This was a fun recipe to make and pretty simple involving only a little melting, some mixing, some baking and some grilling - that may seem like a lot but each step took only a few minutes so it really wasn't hard work and having everything (other than the butter and an egg which is kind of measured out by nature...) measured out for you was a real time saver and made it really easy.

I know that I made my cookies bigger than I was meant to as I didn't get as many out of the recipe as it said I should have, but then the recipe didn't state the size of scoop you should make from the cookie dough so I guessed at my normal size cookie amount. This is my only gripe though, as other than that and not giving you oven temperature conversions the recipe was bang on.

As you can see from the photos the results were very impressive to look at and believe me tasted great too! They went down a treat with my husband and I managed to stash one away for my lunch the next day proving that they were still nice a day later and cold.

I really love the idea of this box and can vouch that the recipe worked and was incredibly tasty, but I'm not sure I would pay £8.99 per month for it as the ingredients could be bought for a lot less in bulk. That being said it was great not having to weigh all the dry ingredients and it made the bake really quick to accomplish with the results being fantastic, so I suppose it all depends if you have the imagination (or time) to decide on / find a recipe for yourself and can be bothered to go out to get the ingredients and weigh them out yourself. As someone who bakes a lot this isn't a big deal to me but for someone new to baking or who just wants to experiment once a month making a decadent delectable treat then this is the perfect solution!

If you'd like to give one a try you can get your first box half price when you use the code FIRSTBOX!

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