So here's something very different from my usual style! Being a pale lass I tend to avoid whites and ivories a lot as I feel they emphasise my skin's resemblance to a piece of A4, but when I spotted this Embroidered Mesh Dress (£28.00*) from Simply Be I just couldn't resists its beautiful floral motif with ribbon scalloping  to the waistline, arms and skirt. It seems quite old fashioned to me but not in a way that makes it look odd for these times, with the embroidery resembling the motifs you would often find on handkerchiefs and bedspreads in years gone by.

It's a sweet piece although I found that even with the included slip dress it was pretty see through so couldn't be worn with dark lingerie (like most of mine is!) and I wish the arms had been more fitted. On the other side the embroidery is very lovely and much finer than I was expecting and I'd say the sizing is bang on - I ordered it to fit my butt which is did perfectly and so was less fitted to my smaller top half which I would have expected. So as not to overwhelm the dress I teamed it with simple gold weave flats from Evans, large pearl drop earrings and a bit of red lippy for a pop of colour. 

I've actually now found that I prefer wearing the dress without the slip which can easily be removed and instead over black which emphasises the embroidering. I just pop some leggings and a cami on underneath and sling this over the top and it becomes an instant super comfy ensemble that's a bit more interesting than just jeans and a tee.

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