I've learnt a lot over the last few years, but one of the most important things is that if you want to have excellent hair you need to get help from the professionals. I spent literally over a decade dying my own hair and as a result trashing it beyond all belief until I finally started going to a salon and getting it done properly. Not only was the colour a million times better but so was the condition of my hair and now I know and appreciate the important of having a great hair salon in your life.

Lucky for us Leicester lot a new salon has opened right in the heart of the city, Rush Hair and Beauty. It's a gorgeous big salon, bright and airy and with the most gorgeous relaxing wash room you've ever seen. The salon was kind enough to invite me along to their VIP launch night to check out the salon, meet the team and see what they'll be offering our fine city. 

It was a really lovely night and it was a real treat to meet the team who were all really knowledgeable and friendly. I got some great tips on the best products to use on my dry hair and had a great time watching the stylists curling hair and doing some really impressive braided styles. 

The salon has some really great discounts going on for their opening so if you're hair is in need of some TLC you really should check them out. I'm especially excited to try one of their Kerastase treatments very soon!

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Rush very kindly invited me along to the VIP launch night for the new Leicester salon. Thanks for a great night guys!
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