Something that's really been playing on my mind recently is sexuality as a fat person. I can't say I've ever considered myself 'sexy' and I still don't, but lately I am experiencing a lot of strangers sexualising my body online. It's a really odd thing to have to deal with and it seems to have gone off the scale recently. I know it's something that the majority of women with an online presence of any size experience, however when the sexualisation is because of something as specific as your size and when it goes as far as being fetishized it's a whole new ball park. I am not a fetish, I do not post pictures of myself online for men to look at, I post them for women to look at so they can find clothes in their size and know that fat does not equal low self confidence and a crap wardrobe. 

On the swing side however it's very important for people to see that fat bodies are also desirable, but it's so hard to put this message across online without it being hijacked by creeps that just do not understand what you are trying to achieve. It frustrates me no end and it's something I really want to see discussed online more. I'd love to hear your opinions on this so please do leave me a comment or talk at me on social media!

But back to the normal transmission... isn't this Floral Dress by City Chic at Evans (£56.00*) freaking great? It's another example of when trying something way out of your comfort zone pays off. Because of my small bust I usually don't feel that bandeau or strapless styles look great on me, but because there's structure and boning built into this dress I think it looks great no matter how much you have going on up top. 

Naturally the print was the first thing that drew me to it, mixing beautiful photo realistic floral with a really nontraditional neon bright palette and colour blocking over the top, but I also adore the tulip petal like skirt overlay and the little v cut to the bodice. It's just unlike anything else I've seen and so I just had to give it a go! It's fully lined and nice heavy quality fabric, it definitely makes me want to try more City Chic pieces.

Of course such a great dress needed some equally great earrings and so my Palm Tree Earrings (£10.00) by Black Heart Creatives were the obvious choice. They're big and loud and shiny and BRILLIANT. 

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