While I completely get the need for fast fashion and really enjoy it when there's a trend that I want to try, I definitely think that there are some staple pieces that every wardrobe needs. Not only does every wardrobe need them, but they need a good quality version of them. It just makes sense - if there is something that you know you either wear every single day or will at least need to last you a full season then spending a little more to get a higher quality piece as opposed to buying something cheap that you have to replace multiple times is definitely the way to go.

There are five key items that I am always happy to invest in because I need to be able to rely on them to do their job and do it well... and here they are!


A great handbag is a wondrous thing. In an investment piece the key things I look for are high quality real leather, comfortable straps (hopefully interchangeable shoulder and arm straps), pockets and compartments inside to make organising my stuff a breeze and a colour and design that is beautiful but versatile so it will work with any outfit I need it to. My current favourite is this Jane Shilton Pocket Front Hobo Bag from Cellini (£199.99 reduced to £99.50*) which ticks all of those boxes while also having the extra chic details of gold hardware and beautifully textured thick black leather.


I'm pretty sure I've waxed lyrical about investing in a good coat many times before on SD? but it really is such a wise thing to do especially if you enjoy winter walks like me or if you have dog walking or chilly commutes on the cards! My new purchase this year wasn't that expensive in the grand scheme of things but it's my most glamorous yet and makes me feel 100% fabulous and toasty warm to boot! This is the Faux Fur Hem Wrap Coat from South (£120.00) - not something for a shrinking violet but definitely for a luxury loving lady with a penchant for classic vintage femme fatale style!


I loathe having cold feet. It genuinely turns me into the grumpiest lady on earth and I will do anything to avoid it including spend a fare whack on some reliable and cute booties. However, this want is often hard to fulfil for numerous reasons one of them being that I have big calves (this alone leaves a pitiful number of options) but then fairly small ankles which means hardly any plus size boots fit me properly. Luckily I discovered Jilsen and their range of wide calf boots last year and they are now my go to for winter foot protection. The style in the photo is called the Evita at £189.00* - these are sadly no longer available in black but there are lots of other gorgeous options if you too need to adorn your feet with some premium quality and excellent fitting boots!


Believe me when I say that a great little black dress, as long as it is chosen correctly, will be one of the best additions you can ever make to your wardrobe. Choose a classic, simple cut maybe with an interesting design detail like the triangle cut out in the style above, make sure it fits in a way that makes you feel great and avoid anything too on trend that isn't likely to last more than a season or two before looking passé. You're looking for something that you can easily morphe into different outfits with either accessories, layers or different ways that it can be worn i.e. a multiway strap style or one that can be belted in such a way to make it look like a completely different dress.

The dress above is from the ever so sadly now closed The Curve Fashion but you can find many, many beautiful ones here at Navabi.


For far too long I just didn't appreciate great underwear, all because I was wearing completely the wrong bra size. If you haven't been fitted recently I beg you to go into your local lingerie store, department store or even Simply Be or Evans and have a free fitting. Once you know your true size you get to know the brands and styles that fit you best and give the most support and comfort and I can tell you that it's pretty life changing. I've amassed quite a collection of lovely underwear sets now, so I'm set for every occasion and safe in the knowledge that I'll always feel comfortable and secure! This is the Kitty Full Cup Bra by Sculptresse, a new to me brand that I really love. Other fave styles of mine are the Betty by Elomi and the Portia and Dreamcatcher styles both by Curvy Kate.

A good bra even helps you have better posture and some even say helps to avoid things like breast cancer. How true that is I cannot say, but I can vouch for the fact that a good foundation of underwear makes any outfit look and fit better and gives me a real confidence boost - how can I sell it any better than that?

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.