Cold Weather Essentials

Boy oh boy is the weather giving us a run for our money right now. Wind and rain are my mortal enemies trashing my hair and making my eyeliner run, so it takes a really good reason to get me to leave the house when that's how the weather is rolling. Over the years my hatred for the Autumn/Winter elements has resulted in my knowing exactly what I need in my life to make them a bit more bearable whether I'll be braving the outside or staying snuggled up in the house; and because I love y'all so much I thought I'd share it with you so you too can benefit from my hate fuelled knowledge!

This one is obvious, but a good pair of boots will save your ass (feet) when it comes to rain/snow/chill. If you can afford it and if you aren't vegan, please do plump for real leather because it's just so much better than the faux stuff when it comes to booties. It's warmer, it's waterproof, it lasts for a long long time if you care for it properly and it always looks better. These Oriel Ankle Boots from Jones Bootmaker (usually £99 but currently on sale for £79*) are my current favourites if I want to be well protected but stylish so you know, all the time. I adore the use of three different textured leathers and the panelled effect as it gives such a great modern twist to the classic black ankle boot. The heel height is I must say a little more than I'm used to but they are still ever so comfortable with a nice flexible and padded feeling sole, plus the zip up back makes them a breeze to get on and off. 

Something that can't be ignored when it gets cold and windy is the extra care that your skin needs, especially on your face as that tends to take the brunt of the elements. I always knock my moisturising routine up a notch when the chill sets in and switch my normally light night cream for something richer. This year I'm using the Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (£33.99) and I'm just loving how it's luxurious creaminess leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. As for daytime moisturising I have to admit that in the Summer I miss this step out altogether because it tends to make me even shinier than usual. I just can't skip it when it gets cold though and so I use Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (£8.99) as it's really light and made for super sensitive skin like mine. It was actually recommended to me by the lovely Tess Holliday, so how could I not give it a go? The girl ain't wrong, it's a great solution when you want something light and really gentle.

It's not just your face that needs extra care in the Winter, your body also needs a little more TLC! My back always gets a bit stiff when it's cold thanks to an old injury from slipping on some ice and the only thing that helps is a nice hot bath. Now I love a sparkly scent explosion from a Lush Bath Bomb as much as the next chick but sometimes all I want is that familiar soothing scent of Radox Muscle Soak (£2.00). After a lovely long bath I make sure to slather myself in a nice thick moisturiser. Usually I go for a body butter because they're so luxurious and heavily scented. Unfortunately it seems that this one which I bulk bought last year from Marks and Spencer is no longer available, but they have a new line available so I'll have to give one of these a try soon when this runs out.

Of course aesthetics can't be thrown out the window when it gets a bit dreary. A bold lipstick always makes me feel a bit more badass and like I can take on the world so it's only natural that I throw some on when the elements seem to be battling against me. My current favourites are all deep wine and berry tones with the following three being in my most used rotation - Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira ($20) - Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Wilvesmouth ($21) - OCC Lip Tar Metallic in Black Metal Dahlia (£ varies).

If like me you usually prefer to stay in than battle mother nature then it's good to have some creature comforts on hand to prevent you getting cabin fever. I've recently discovered Champion Reeves Dessert Nougat (£7.95) and I'm pretty smitten. It's sweet and chewy as a good nougat is and is flavoured with pistachios, honey and rose water giving it a truly beautiful floral taste. Ginger is pretty synonymous with fighting off cold weather illnesses but can be a bit overpowering to some, so if you'd like a more delicate ginger hit then I highly recommend Fever Tree's Ginger Ale (£12.99 for 8 x 500ml bottles). It works wonderfully with bourbon too if you want a little extra warming up! Lastly if you're feeling very indulgent Shannon's Brandy Hot Chocolate (8 for £22.49) is a lovely way to end a meal or as an evening treat. They come ready to go in little glasses and you just pop them in the microwave for 45 seconds to heat them up - perfect!

If you're planning to hermit it rather than go outside you need some excellent entertainment to keep you occupied! I use it as a chance to catch up on some reading and this is what's currently on my nightstand. Sporting Guide by Liz Goldwyn (£19.60) is a fantastic read but not one for the prudish. It's a fascinating mixture of fact and fiction and is basically a recreation of an 1890s Los Angeles pocket guide, or 'Sporting Guide', to the brothels of the day told through stories of its pimps, prostitutes and businessmen. Aside from being incredibly entertaining and educational it's just pretty darn gorgeous with it's red and gold cover and pages adorned with photographs and illustrations.

If reading isn't your thing then a duvet day watching movies and tv series is the answer to your prayers. We bought Apple TV (from £129) about a year ago and use it in our bedroom to stream pretty much whatever we want to watch! It's such a great invention giving you use of apps via your tv to watch stuff or to play games. We use Netflix through it mostly but you can also buy content through iTunes and watch NowTV if you subscribe to it. It's just a really neat and easy way to bring extra entertainment into your life and we're both sold on it!

If like me you cook to relax, there are two books that I think should definitely be on your shelf if you want to treat yourself and your family to some comforting and delicious meals. Neither are new, but both are special favourites of mine. Feast by Nigella Lawson (£16.59) and Kitchen Diaries II by Nigel Slater (£24) are both filled with recipes for dishes that feel like a big hug, that are full of love and flavour and are bound to chase away any thoughts of the weather outside.

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