Sandals Season

OK so I really am not a fan of feet. I cannot see anything attractive about them, but I know that keeping them in good condition is very important for both aesthetic and health reasons, especially when sandals season rolls around and you'll have them on show. For some reason over the last year I've started to get dry skin on my heels which is really not a good look and so I've started pampering my feet a little more and trying to take more care of them day in day out.

First up I've started having foot baths at home right before bed which I've really grown to love as not only is it good for my tootsies but it's lovely and relaxing after a long day at work. Right now I'm using a mix of a richly scented bath salt for a luxurious feel along with some Gehwol Footbath Powder which helps keep my skin smooth. It's also great because it's antibacterial and when I've been walking around in sandals all day and my feet have been exposed to the elements and pollution and dirt that covers our streets it's nice to know that they're super squeaky clean after my foot soak.

After my soak I like to use CCS Professional Foot Care Cream - I massage in a good amount and then pop a clean pair of socks on and jump into bed. I know it's not a glamorous luxury product but it works better than anything else I've tried at keeping my heels soft and moisturised. It also helps prevent dry skin and the evil athletes foot which can strike when you wear shoes without socks or your skin gets a bit parched.

Now as you will have noticed from my outfit posts I do love a nice heeled sandal, but after a full day in a high heel I can sometimes get pain in the muscles across the bottom of my feet. To combat this I use a PediRoller which I just roll my feet over so it helps to stretch the muscles again and takes away the pain. The biggest problem I find with heels however is the sting you can get in the ball of your foot when you've been walking (or dancing) for a while and so if I go out in a closed toe style shoes I now slip on these Gel Pads that are made of soft silicone rubber and give that extra bit of cushioning to keep the sting at bay.

Is there anything you use to keep your feet in tip top condition?

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