The Best Ever Boots for My Curvy Calves

One of the parts of my body that I really like is my calves, a bit odd I know but I think they're rather shapely with my wide calves and relatively svelt ankles. The downside to having volutuous calves is finding tall boots that accommodate them, a struggle I've had for some time. The standard experience is just not being able to pull up or zip up the top or being able to pull them up but them being so tight that they slip down or are so tight when I sit that I lose feeling in my feet. I also find that any boots I do find that fit relatively well aren't exactly a style that I love and are usually made out of not so great faux leather, as if it's assumed that as chubby legged birds either don't deserve decent leather or can't afford it. Well now I am really pleased that I can share with you all a stunning high end pair from a Holland based brand called Jilsen who have been making wide calf boots since 2005.

The style I'm wearing here are called the Evita* and I can honestly say I don't think my tootsies have ever been treated as well as when they're in these boots. You can tell as soon as you open the box that this is a special bit of footwear, the smell of leather hits your nose and at the first touch the calf leather is so soft and smooth. I don't think we plus size ladies have enough opportunities to own really special high end pieces of clothing and footwear so when I slipped these on and effortlessly zipped them up to the top before looking in the mirror and admiring their gorgeous design and fit I was pretty ecstatic. The heel is the perfect height for me and there's room for socks to keep my toes even toastier - I wear a size 7 in wide fit styles and an 8 in standard foot widths, these are a size 7. I love the gold buckle and d-ring detailing - I'm a gold girl most of the time so pleasingly these babies will go with most of my jewellery too! I think this style is really versatile, great with jeans or with dresses and skirts, easily dressed up or down. A perfect all rounder, but an all rounder of exceptional quality.

All of Jilsen's wide calf boots are available in three calf widths, 44cm, 48cm or 52cm. There's a size calculator here on the website so you can easily decide which to go for - I went for the 52cm and they are the perfect fit. The Evita's I'm wearing here are priced at £195.78 but are currently on sale (along with lots of other pairs) for £138.25. I've spoken before about how I'm happy to spend a larger amount of money on something like a good pair of boots if I know they're going to last me for a few years and get me through a horrible English winter and this is no exception - these boots are beautiful and so well made and I know they will last me a good long while. Knowing our English summers I'm sure they'll get a good bit of wear over the next few months too... Shipping and returns are free which is a nice bonus too.

Look out tomorrow for a full outfit post wearing these boots!

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.