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OK so I am really not a fan of the whole 'new year new you' thing but I have to admit the start of a new year is a really good mental full stop and new start, especially after the Christmas period which is both mentally and physically challenging even if you love it like I do. The biggest thing in 2015 I have to look forward to is getting married to Pete in San Francisco in May. I already have my dress and it's just gorgeous, but I had to order it in a size smaller than I'd usually go for as it didn't go up any higher and although it fits me I would like to trim down just a little so it fits me perfectly and my silhouette looks smoother in it. I don't need to lose a lot and I don't plan to as I'm fine with my size, toning and smoothing a bit is my goal and I'll stop when I'm where I want to be. I don't have a goal weight or dress size which might make it a little harder, but I'm going to track my measurements to see how it goes.

It seemed kind of fortuitous then when I was contacted by a company called State of Mind to see if I'd like to give some of their activewear a try! I headed to the site and was a bit overwhelmed by the selection, but so excited to see that there is somewhere us plus size ladies can buy pretty much any sportswear piece we might need! Another great thing is that every piece was designed and manufactured in the UK, not something most companies could boast! So let's go on to what I thought about the actual clothing, here's the pieces I tried...

For me finding trousers for the gym has always been the hardest thing. I always end up with some sort of jogger pant style thing in a thick jersey fabric. I always hate them and find that the stretch isn't firm enough so I have to keep pulling them up. I did not have these problems with these lovely capris. They are made of a soft and stretchy fabric called Supplex which I'd not heard of before, but it feels wonderful and you can tell it will be hard wearing. The stretch is firm and the rolled over waist smooths your tum a little which is always nice with sports wear, I kept it as it was as it helped them fit my pear shaped bod but you could also roll down the band so they were less high waisted if you wished.Oh and there's a little inside pocket too so if you don't want to leave your jewellery in the locker you can keep it safe and on your person, or keep your locker key or drink money in there - fab!

This little baby is just wonderful! I have a few swim dresses now, they are my jam when it comes to swimwear, and although my others are very pretty they just aren't as well designed as this one. It might not look like anything special but seriously the thought that's gone into it is clear when you try it on. There are support cups built into the mesh lining of the bust of the suit with elastic underneath to define your bust line from your body which makes it super comfortable and the double straps, all of which are adjustable not only looks great but means you have optimal control of the fit over your boobs and shoulders. It's a nice length, not too long to look mumsy and the simply but stylish design is great, making it look cute and down to business. You can also buy a reversed colourway so the body is aqua and the trim is black and that's super cute too!
This was the most standard of the items I tried but was still lovely and is a real wardrobe staple. It's a nice plain tank with thick 'straps' and ruched sides which is a nice touch. It's also nice and long so can cover your tum and bum if you'd like or the ruching makes it easy to pull it up and wear it shorter. The thing that makes this such a great quality piece is again the use of the Supplex fabric. It's a well made piece of clothing and will be very useful and often used at the gym.
This was surprisingly my favourite piece that I tried, I never expected it but it feels so great on I love it to bits! The perfect piece for an outdoor work out or for travelling to and from wherever you exercise, the top is super super soft inside and keeps you really warm without being thick and bulky. Again this baby has some great little design features like thumb holes and high visibility detailing to the back so you could stay visible on a night time walk or run. There also a zipped pocket on the lower back to keep your phone/mp3 player/money safe. I think the panelled design is really flattering and the longer back is great too. It also has wicking properties which means is moves moisture away from your body - I'm not sure how it does this, possibly magic but more likely science. It's the softness of the inside that really sold it to me though, it's seriously so comfortable it's a treat!

Last but not least this tunic is a great little piece, definitely the most flattering piece of active wear I've ever owned. The thick straps on the cami style top are great for hiding your sports bra straps and the skirt section is cut really generously so it hangs beautifully. It's available in two lengths 78cm or 84cm - I went for the longer of the two as I have a bit of a long body and wanted it to sit just under my bum. The colour is also gorgeous (I'm a sucker for hot pink) but if you fancy something different it also comes in white with a blue trim. It also has that magical wicking thing that takes moisture away from your body, yay!

So guys, if like me you're looking to get a little more active in 2015 why not head over to State of Mind and grab yourself some exercise clothes, I'm sure that'll help give you a helping boost to get back at it!
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