Can't you taste this gold? New season fashion from New Look Inspire

Oh giiiirls, this is something different huh? I'm wearing jeans and a sweater. This is a rare occurrence... I think there's only one other outfit post where I'm wearing jeans on this whole blog! If I've said it once I'll say it again, it's good to make yourself try something new every now and again and I like to push myself to do this at least a few times per season so when the lovely New Look team got in touch to let me know about their latest items for AW14 I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go for something out of my comfort zone.

I just couldn't resist this cute sweater but it's very much not something I'd usually go for. I'm not that big a fan of statement tops usually because the phrases on them are kinda twee or overly saccharine, but I really love Iggy Azalea's tune Fancy and as I've been called Fancy Nancy by many a person since I was a little one I thought it only fitting that I rock this sweater. I'm digging the nautical rope frame too, it's very 1990's Versace. The sweater itself is oversized in style but I went for a size bigger than I normally would as I knew it was longer and I needed to accommodate my butt and hips in there and I think that worked to my advantage as it just exaggerated the oversized look up top. It's made of a cream 100% cotton sweater fabric which is relatively thin but that means it hangs nicer than it would if it were made of a thick school jumper style fabric - it also means it's nice and easy to wash which is a bonus for me as I am guaranteed to get makeup on or spill something down myself when I'm wearing a light colour.

As I said earlier jeans are not my best friend and I very rarely wear them so surely it goes to show that for me to feature jeans they have to be good ones, and these very much are. They're billed as 'supersoft' and they don't fall short on that point. They're lovely and stretchy and the fabric isn't too thick so they move with your body more easily than a normal non stretch denim would. They also have ripped knees which is bang on trend but also makes me feel like I'm in Waynes World - not totally a bad thing I suppose. Schaaaaaaaawing. I went for my normal size in these jeans which was the right way to go, they're skinny style so naturally they're meant to be nice and fitted and they're one of the few pairs I've found that actually are fitted around my ankles. A lot of the time when I've tried skinny jeans the ankles have still been really baggy which has defeated the object of the exercise really... These babies also feature a nice high waist which means they stay up over my very pear shaped body. Having big hips with a much smaller waist can be both a blessing and a curse as usually when something fits my thighs it's fat too big on my waist - not with these lovely jeans they fit just perfectly. And they're only £24.99 - perfect!

Cream I'm So Fancy Sweater - New Look Inspire - £14.99*
Navy Ripped Knee Super Soft Skinny Jeans - New Look Inspire - £24.99*
Velvet Embroidered Slipper Shoes - Dolcis - Last Season

Don't forget to check out these two look books that the New Look Inspire team have put together which feature some gorgeous blogger babes - Grey Scale and Sequins: Day and Night.

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