Bras Galore and the Elomi Betty Bra and Brief Set

Aaaah pretty lingerie sets, is there anything that makes you feel more pretty and feminine? As long time readers will know, a few months ago I got my bra size measured for the first time in years and got a big shock as I was wearing completely the wrong back and cup size. Since being told my actual size the world of pretty bras has opened up to me and so I was ever so excited to be contacted by the wonderful Bras Galore! They sell a great selection of beautiful lingerie, swimwear and nightwear by brands such as Elomi, Freya, Fantasie and more.

One of my favourite things about the site is not only their fitting guide which is pretty marvellous, but also their style guide below. It gives you the six common types of bra and explains what kind of support they give, what kind of clothes they go with and what kind of bust they best suit. I found it so so helpful when trying to decide what kind of bra I need to go with certain dresses!

Another thing I didn't know is that bra sizing isn't universal and differs from country to country, to help our Bras Galore also have this great size guide chart to help when you want to buy something cute from another country.

Now, to the bra in my photos. This is the stunning Betty Plunge Bra from Elomi in purple (£42*) which I absolutely adore! The combination of the purple and pink is good enough but add in that polka dot print and you have something that's just darling! The rose embroidery over the cups is just wonderful too and it's made from a soft, sort of mesh like fabric which is semi sheer and feels very sexy. 

I found this bra extremely comfortable, probably the most comfortable I have tried yet. The band felt stable but didn't cut in and the cups were engineered to perfection, I didn't have to do any adjusting all day and felt really supported as they cover the whole bust and keep you perfectly in place. The straps were also nice and soft and didn't dig in or slip at all. 

I hadn't tried a plunge style in my 'new' size before and I think this is the style I find most comfortable as the wires go further up the outer sides of my bust and therefore don't dig in as can be the case with some balcony styles that I've tried. 

I also tried the matching briefs (£20*) to this set and they are also extremely cute!!! As the fabric is a bit sheer I thought I'd save my modesty and not show you a pic of me modelling them, but take my word for it that they are wonderfully comfy too. The sheer panel over your bum is a nice sexy and cute touch too! 

I can safely say that I will most definitely be buying a few more Elomi sets from Bras Galore, the designs are all delightful and if all the styles fit as well and feel as comfortable as this one does then they'll be right up there as my favourite lingerie brand! Here are some more desperately pretty sets available on Bras Galore now...

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.