The Sequin Dress - Your Party Time Best Friend

A picture of Nancy Whittington in the Claire Richards Emerald Green Sequin Dress
This is the dress. The dress that will see me through a thousand parties and will never go out of style because it was never really in style. If you have a sense of fun with fashion it doesn't matter what you wear, whether it's new or old, in or out, you put your twist on it and wear it with confidence and it will look amazing.

This beautiful dress is part of the latest Claire Richards collection for Fashion World and is just a dream. I loved the black version from her previous collection which had a different neckline but I just can't resist the colour of this one, beautiful mermaid teal. They call it emerald green on the website but I think it has too much of a blue tinge for that. This colour will flatter any skin tone and would surely make anyone feel like a million dollars.

The fit is true to size and the fabric is lovely and stretchy. I was a little concerned that the sequins would be a little scratchy at the edges but it's fully lined with a nice thick fabric that prevents any of that. It's a little shorter than I'd like (I'm a bit taller than Claire so it hits me just above the knee) and so I like to team it with some cropped leggings which also help prevent the dastardly chub rub which can ruin even the most determined dance floor sesh. If you're worried that leggings might make it look a little too casual don't fear - throw on some heels and a big sparkly necklace and you'll still be the bell of the ball! 

At £95 this is definitely a purchase for a special occasion, but hey it's not like you were planning on wearing a sequin dress for a few quiet drinks in the pub were you?! Seriously though, the fabric is wonderful quality and the sequins are beautiful, matte but sparkly and very secure unlike cheaper sequin items that leave a trail of shedded sparkles in your wake. 

If you're looking for a special dress that'll really get you noticed then do give this one a go, I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed and you can't help but feel like a starlet in something as sparkly as this.

Claire Richards Sequin Body Con Dress - Fashion World - £95*
Black Cropped Leggings - Yours Clothing - £8
Necklace - Primark - My Mum's!

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.