Bella & Bear 'Hair She Goes' Hair Removal Kit Review

On my path to body acceptance I have learn to love my chub, my stretch marks, my peachy soft wobbly tummy. Most of the things that we're told are faults that should be fixed or hidden I have come to embrace, but there are two things that I just can't accept as they are and wish I could find a cure for. One is my acne and the other is the facial fuzz caused by my PCOS. I'm working hard to find a way to control and hopefully get rid of my blemishes and acne but I can't seem to find a way to stop the problem of excess face fuzz and so use various methods to remove it, most lasting maybe a week. As you can imagine this got tired really quickly and so I was very excited to hear about the Hair She Goes hair removal kit from Bella and Bear, an established brand in the US that is now releasing products to the UK market. 

The Hair She Goes kit includes two products, a pretty peachy pair of angled tweezers and a springy flexible contraption with little plastic handles at each end. It's a bit daunting looking but is really easy to use as you can see from the picture above - you just hold a handle in each hand, bend it into a U shape, place it against your skin and roll each handle back and forth in your fingers as you move it across your face. This makes the coils of the spring rotate and catch those naughty little hairs that you want to remove! 

I'm not going to lie, it is painful - it's pulling hairs out of your face after all - but after a while it gets better and once you've done it a few times you just seem to get used to the feeling and it's not as bothersome. It's like getting your legs or eyebrows waxed, you know it's going to hurt but the results will be worth it! Also, because it's removing the hair from the roots the results last much much longer than if you used a hair removal cream which just takes the hair off from above skin level, plus you don't risk burning a few layers of skin off en route to a fuzz free face! I used the hair removal tool on my chin and moustache area and the results lasted a good 3-4 weeks compared to my usual one week max with a facial hair removal cream, plus it's nice to not have to put yet another chemical on my face!

On top of the great results form the product itself I also like the look of the kit which is a lovely neon peachy shade. The packaging was also really cute and eye catching with a vintage shabby chic-esque style, all polka dots and florals in pastel colours - definitely gift worthy packaging. There is also a 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it so you can't really lose!

Bella and Bear will also be releasing an eye lash curling kit to the UK too soon so keep your eye out for that hitting Amazing very soon! 

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