I don't know about you guys but right now I am super stoked about the amount of great suits that are available in plus sizes. I literally have four new ones hanging in my house plus one that was just delivered to my work and I'm thrilled about it because I never really thought suits would be my thing. To be honest a plain business style suit probably still isn't, but if you make it a bit extra with a wild colour or print I am all over it baby.

It's not hard to see why this particular one caught my eye with it's intricate architectural flourishes, lilac leopard print and botanical motifs - it's so 1990's Versace and I love that the cut is square and not super tailored in the hopes that it'll fake an hourglass shape. The stretchy scuba like fabric is amazingly comfy and therefore fits it to your natural form which I really love, I'm even a fab of the double breasted style as you can wear it with just a bra like I am here and get a sexy business bitch vibe - that I then ruin with trainers cause that's my thang baby.

This gorgeous set is by Lovedrobe and is available at Simply Be - you can find the trousers here and the jacket here but there's also a lovely matching cropped wrap top with fluted sleeves here if you wanted to be extra badass and go for a three piece suit! 

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