Leicester gelato fans we are in for another treat thanks to the wonderful Gelato Village team! From 27th to 29th of October ten of the world's best 'Maestri Gelatieri' are heading to Leicester to take part in Gelato in The Square. This will be a weekend celebration of this wonderful sweet treat, it's innovative chefs and creators and the slow food producers that provide the best quality ingredients for my favourite cold dessert. The Gelatieri in attendance will be:
  • Daniele Taverna and Antonio De Vecchi of Gelato Village, Leicester
  • Paolo Brunelli of the Gelateria Cioccolateria “Paolo Brunelli” in Agugliano and Senigallia
  • Matteo Carloni of Gambrinus Gelateria in Perugia
  • Vera Castrovilli & Alessia Torselli of Nevedarance Gelato Naturale, Caluso in Turin
  • Simone De Feo of Cremeria Capolinea in central Italy
  • Raffaella Garavelli of La Bottega del Gelato di Garavelli, Leno
  • Antonio Luzi from Gelateria Artigianale Makì in Fano
  • Andrea Soban of Gelaterie Soban – two gelaterias situated in the north-east and in the north-west of Italy
  • Mirko Tognetti of Cremeria Opera Naturali per Gusto in Lucca
  • Raffaele Del Verme of Gelateria Di Matteo in Torchiara on the south east coast of Italy
These kings and queens of the gelato world will descend upon St Martins Square for this weekend only to whip up some of their special flavours that showcase the best ingredients from their local regions in Italy. The gelatos will be made each morning in the GV Gelato Laboratory using their 'house milk' from Belvoir Ridge Creamery's rare breed Red Poll cattle and will be available to try at the café.
Alongside tasting these very special creations guests can take park in a wonderful program of events celebrating the unique gastronomic delights of both Italy and Leicestershire. The full programs for each day are as follows and are all on a first come first served basis, so get yourself there in plenty of time if you want to take part in anything:
I'm so looking forward to meeting some incredible people and learning more about gelato and our local and Italian food producers, it's sure to be a truly wonderful weekend.
You can read my first article on Gelato Village from back in 2015 right here.