I recently read an article that talked about how people have 'uniforms' - outfit combinations that we wear variations of over and over again, feel most comfortable in, feel our best in. Working out what your 'uniforms' are will apparently help you become a wiser shopper as it shows you what you are actually likely to wear often and so avoiding those spur of the moment purchases that sit in the back of the wardrobe never seeing the light of day. Most of us have those including me, so I started thinking about mine.

The thing I probably throw on most often is a nice midi skirt, some trainers and a sweater or tee with a fun design. It looks put together, but is really low maintenance and low effort really! As you know mixing glam and casual is my thing so it seemed natural to wear this Joanna Hope Glitter Skirt (£16.50 on sale) with one of my favourite pairs of shoes the Knot Detail Slip Ons by Sole Diva (£22.00) both of which I found at Simply Be. They just seemed like the perfect accompaniment to this lovely Embroidered Velour Sweater by Very (£14.00 on sale) with its delicate blossom and crane design.

I also love to mix a fancy dress with a casual jacket like a bomber or go full on glam with a frock , bold makeup, cute shoes and sometimes some crazy headgear like a little hat or big flowers. What are your 'uniforms'?

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