Roll Neck Wrap Sweater - So Fabulous
High Waisted Skinny Jeans - So Fabulous
Lime Court Shoes - Similar
I'm kind of a contradiction in human form. Sometimes I want to wear all black everything and at others I want to wear all the bright colours and kitschy patterns I possibly can. Now, although there are no crazy prints going on here I have managed to indulge both my passion for black and my passion for offensively bright colours!

One of the benefits of an all black outfit (aside from that it always looks très chic) is that it allows you to put focus on other things such as an awesome piece of jewellery, a great bag or in this case some lovely bright shoes. These courts have a great asymmetric cut over the toe and are just the right height - not too high, not too low so you get the benefits of a lengthened silhouette with comfort too! Clearly I'm still not quite over last year's neon trend but I've taken it down a notch and restricted it mainly to accessories for the time being, al though recently I've also been adding into my make up looks! I've not quite gone fluorescent this time but I sure am in love with the super bold blue toned fuschia shade of 'Jelly Donut' from the Melted Candy liquified lipstick range by Too Faced.

Don't you just love it when you can combine several of your style loves into one awesome outfit?

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