Why I love SLiNK!

Sometimes I can be very guilty of taking things for granted, enjoying them greatly but not giving them the full admiration they deserve until something clicks. I experienced one of these clicks just the other day when I was relaxing with a hot drink and the latest issue of SLiNK Magazine. I have quite a few issues in my collection now but for some reason this time it really hit me that SLiNK is something very special.

If you're a reader of mine the chances are that you've spent a lifetime as I have, flipping through fashion magazines and dreaming that the outfits in the beautifully set editorials and hot new items features would fit your plus size figure. It's frustrating, upsetting and tells us yet again that our bigger bodies are not what should be seen or promoted, that we should be content with sack like dresses and butterfly print tunics and stay away from the world of fashion. 

Now imagine wandering into WH Smith and picking up a beautiful glossy magazine, opening up the pages and seeing women who you can relate to physically. Stunning clothes that you can fit into. Food and fitness articles that concentrate on wellbeing rather than weight loss. Beauty and travel guides that treat you the same as any other person who wants a bit of luxury in their life, because you know what? Us fat people want and deserve that too.

This is what SLiNK offers us - inclusion. It's not some half baked version of a fashion mag, it does everything that the big name magazines do, but with added positivity, morals and integrity. It doesn't belittle us, it doesn't tell us we don't deserve the finer things in life, it doesn't tell us we must change our bodies to fit the impossible ideal. It educates us, it entertains us and it inspires us. It tells us that we can be who we want to be, live how we want to live and look how we want to look. 

Clearly I'm a big fan and can assure you that this post is not sponsored, I just know that there are many more women out there who would benefit hugely from having this magazine in their life. I guess the only thing left for me to say is... 


You can buy SLiNK Magazine in either print or digital formats right here.

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