The Future is (Rose) Gold

Life is a funny old thing. Sometimes you feel like you're just treading water trying to keep your head in the good things while you kick back the bad. On my birthday we got the sad news that our landlord was selling our lovely little 1880's cottage and so we would have to find somewhere new. Not the kind of news you want to get on your birthday but hey, we had a wonderful weekend in London and then started our new home search the next week. I won't lie, it was pretty darn hard. In the nearly 5 years since we moved in to this house the rental prices in our area have gone up massively and so there was a lot of re-evaluating of our finances to do and we settled on a budget, but all we could find were new builds with tiny clinical rooms and barely any kitchen (I have to have a good kitchen!). We viewed a few but just weren't getting that warm fuzzy feeling that occurs when you find the right one. 

I was starting to panic as we were running out of time, worrying that we'd end up somewhere rubbish just because we had to go somewhere else. Then I spotted a cottage in a little village about ten minutes out of town. The photos weren't great but it looked cosy and peaceful and so we went to take a look... and itt turned out to be the perfect next house for us! It was built in the 1700's and it Grade II listed like our current house - this means that it is protected by law so alterations can't be made to it as it has historical significance and adds value to the local area. Luckily it doesn't stop renovations inside and so you get that lovely combination of cottage charm with modern conveniences and best of all, we'll finally have a spare room for our friends to stay over in! I'm so glad that this little ray of sunlight has shined on us and pulled us out of the gloom.

Talking of things that shine, this dress is an absolute glitzy dream! As soon as I spotted it I knew it had to be one of my Winter party pieces and it found its way into my shopping basket. This is the Bow Back Metallic Dress by Joanna Hope (£59.00) at Simply Be and it really is a treat. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year you'll know that rose gold is serious business right now and when I saw I could get myself a sparkling frock that was entirely in this beautiful metallic shade I went into overdrive, especially as it was a skater style as that seems to be the shape I'm gravitating to right now. 

It's a lovely stretchy fabric that's kind of crinkled to give it its sparkle, which is not too thin and not too thick so it hangs well but also hugs the places you want it to emphasising your waist and bust. The high scoop neckline and my beloved 3/4 sleeves make this a modest little number but the adorable cut out panels and bows at the back stop it from being boring (if you could ever call a rose gold dress boring).

I had wanted to accessorise with a black necklace but none that I own seemed quite right so I'm still on the hunt for one that works perfectly, but as it's such a stunner in itself you don't really need to add anything at all other than some cute heels or flats.

So what do you think - super cute or super gaudy?

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