Zizzi Black Label

Something I personally feel that plus fashion lacks is simple but dramatic looks. Sure we get a lot of shift and swing dresses that are simple styles but they don't have that chic paired down feel that you see in a lot of ready to wear collections for 'standard sized' brands. Most plus size collections, or at least most 'affordable' plus size collections seem to create drama by going for a very fitted curve hugging style which is very vintage influenced. Now you all know I'm not knocking this as the Morticia Addams / Jessica Rabbit look is really my thing; but one of the things that really frustates me is when I love a look but I just can't find it in my style. 

Zizzi's new Black Label collection gives me that look I crave. As you would imagine nearly every piece sticks to an all black palette with each style being an iconic piece on it's own while somehow staying versatile enough to be mixed with eachother to create beautiful, multi textural outfits. Stunning LBD's, seperates with finishes to clash or compliment, oversized or fitted styles and couture worthy coats make this something very special and I for one am so thankful to Zizzi for offering this to me and my fellow fat babes.

You can purchase the first part of the Black Label collection on Navabi right now and I just can't wait to see the rest of the pieces in October!
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