Three classic comedies perfect for a lazy afternoon on the sofa

There's something so special about old comedies from the Fifties and Sixties that I absolutely adore. I don't know if it's because they're so innocent seeming or if it's because they're usually visually gorgeous, but I find there's nothing better for a lazy afternoon on the sofa. Now I know an awful lot of people that hate old movies and I can't help but think they're really missing out. These are three of my absolute favourites which I think would be great introduction movies for anyone wanting to get into the cinema of the past.

First up we have the wonderful What a Way to Go! from 1964. This is a lovely film that is a series of short stories that are connected and make up the full picture. As you can see from the poster below it's a star studded affair but I think it's Shirley MacLaine's outfits designed by the magnificent Edith Head that take centre stage. Oh and Paul Newman looking very sha-wing as a broody beardy artist type!

Next up is one of my all time favourites How To Marry a Millionaire from 1953. This baby has everything - Monroe, Bacall and Grable, amazing costumes, a wonderful script and settings and lots of laughs. It's definitely not a feminist tale but it's of its time and is a lot of silly fun and you know what, sometimes that's all I want, we're all allowed a few guilty pleasures! Betty's character Loco's food obsession has me giggling every time!

Last up is Monkey Business from 1952, probably the silliest and most charming of the lot. I adore Cary Grant movies and this one is even better with the additions of Ginger Rogers and a sprinkle of Marilyn. Again there are some excellent frocks being shown off and I loved seeing Ginger in an acting rather than dancing role, her comedy timing is excellent! It's a silly professor movie with a bit of a twist, perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a bowl of popcorn and soda.

Have you seen any of these before? What did you think? 

If you're an old movie fan like me I'd love to hear your recommendation for other great flicks!

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