Screw That! // Things that will no longer be a part of my life

In all honesty, other than at our wedding and a few other occasions I've not been very happy this year, maybe for even longer than that. My head is a pretty crazy place right now and my emotions have been giving me a real rollercoaster ride. Whenever I'm feeling really blue I like to read something empowering and inspirational to jump start my optimism and a lot of the time I turn to Gala Darling's blog to help me do this.

One of her posts that really struck a chord with me is this one all about how on a night time walk around New York she decided on a list of rules for things that she would not do in the future. I thought this was an excellent idea and that it might really help me get back to a healthy happy mental state, so I wrote my own list to and here it is!

I will no longer...

  • Moan about being stuck doing something I'm not passionate about and then waste my evenings not working towards my goals.
  • Commit my time to people and activities that don't make me feel awesome.
  • Start projects that I never finish (unless it turns out that it was a sucky project in the first place!)
  • Dwell on jealous thoughts. Being supportive and excited for people is a much better feeling!
  • Spend a whole day cooped up inside instead of heading out into the fresh air, even if it's just to sit in the garden and read.
  • Tolerate rudeness. I've experienced a major case of that this week and I'm going to let them know that I ain't happy about it so it doesn't happen again!
  • Feel guilty when I feel sad. It's natural (especially when you have crazy hormones like moi) to feel sad from time to time - if there is a reason for it I'll sort it out, if not then I'll let it run its course and not beat myself up about it.
  • Get caught up worrying about what I don't have when I'm actually a very lucky lady.
  • Take my true friends for granted. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people, partly because I always feel like I'm bothering someone if I message them out of the blue and also because my current mental state has made me very tizzy brained so sometimes I forget to reply to stuff, especially if I read it and aren't able to reply straight away! Speaking of which...
  • Leave off answering emails and messages for longer than a few hours!

So what do you think, is this something you'll be doing too?

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