What I bought in the USA - Random Stuff Edition

Before we had started planning the main details of our wedding and honeymoon trip I knew full well that I'd need to take some serious spending money. I expected to buy way more make up and clothes than I did, it turns out I spent most of my spendos on art prints (I figured this was a more sensible decision than spending hundreds and hundreds in Sephora, although I did hit a few hundred...) and momentos of the trip. Memories are more important than more make up I thought, so I'm pleased I brought back a lot of lovely trinkets that will make me think of our wedding adventure whenever I see them. I've had quite a few requests from people wanting to see what I bought so I thought I'd share, this first post is of the random bits and bobs and then the second will be of my Sephora haul. Not shown here are a hat and lacey crop top that I bought at Torrid and the few bits I got at Alcatraz... I think mostly everything else is here. To be honest so much came back with us that it would be easy for me to forget something!

My first real purchases in San Francisco were when my little sister and I headed into the Japan Mall that was attached to our hotel. It was so much fun, we've both always loved cute Japanese cartoons and culture since we were little. We both bought one of these awesome Totoro cuddle cushions from a store called Japan Video, he's so soft and squishy he was easy to fit into my suitcase despite his large size! I also bought lots of little bits and bobs from a sort of Japanese pound store, mostly these were silly little present for people but I did grab myself some Pocky flavours that were new to me and some super adorable dessert shaped erasers!
The day after our wedding we decided to head to Haight-Ashbury to walk down the main street and check out the kooky stores and cafes and hunt out a store I was desperate to go to called Loved to Death. I'd heard about it online somewhere and when I started following their Instagram a few months ago I fell in love with so many pieces that I just had to go. Unsurprisingly I ended up spending quite a bit of cash in here although not on what I had expected. I thought I'd come away with some antique religious pieces and maybe some jewelry but I actually bought the two prints above. The first I fell in love with at first sight, it's part of a collection of four paintings in the same style and size on diamond cut wood and is by an artist that I hadn't head of before Jennybird Alcantra. It reminded me of the Rob Ryden pieces I love so much, very feminine and pretty but when you look closer they're a little sinister. I only bought this one of the four piece collection, I would have bought them all if I could have but this was my favourite. It's one of a limited run of 40.

The second print is one I never thought I'd get to own, I've seen it so many times before as it's by one of my all time favourite artists Chris Conn of SekretCity International. I never thought I'd get to own it as this particular print sold out quite some time ago, so you can imagine how excited I was to see it hanging in their store and for sale! Chris' work is so perfect and crisp, the women so beautiful, the concepts so unique and the compositions so striking, he is just phenomenal. I spent just under $300 on these two pieces.
Again another surprise art find was at the Haunted Mansion at Disney. Naturally this one seemed to fitting to the occasion (not that I'm planning on axe murdering my Pete!!! but you know, wedding themed) and I adore the graphic style. It's also in my favourite palette of colours so I couldn't resist - I think this was about $45. My other Disney purchases were this adorable snuggly Stitch (Pete can't stop laughing at this movie) and this souvenir Belle cup that I got in Gaston's Tavern when we hunted down the signature drink Lafou's Brew that I was determined to find. We also got a pin when we walked in, their version of the Just Married button.
Unsurprisingly we spent the most cash by far in Universal at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as we are both massive HP fans! Aren't these Hogwarts Express tickets cute? They're to go in our wedding scrapbook!
We both got a wand from Ollivander's, I chose Hermione's and Pete bought Dumbledore's which FYI are not with the others on the shelves they're behind the counter. He likes to remind me that he has the Elder Wand quite often....
Some other little trinkets we bought were head boy and head girl badges and I also bought Pete the Ministry of Magic badge because we both thought it was a really great design - the lady on the stall told us that they were new in that week which was pretty cool.
I also bought a chocolate frog which was so darn expensive at $10.99 but I felt I kinda had to to get a wizard card! I got Salazar Slytherin!
Pete was clearly preparing himself for the Best Husband Ever award as he bought me a Time Turner plated in real gold! It's so beautiful and spins properly so the sand in the hourglass moves. You can wear them but I'm keeping it in its lovely display case on my desk.

So that's this little lot done, keep your eyes peeled for my Sephora haul post very soon!

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