Perfect Wide Fit Sandals for Spring

Words cannot explain how happy I am that we have so many more wide fit shoes available to us these days, I had a nightmare when I was younger trying to find non old lady style shoes to fit my wide feet. I'd usually end up in something a size or two bigger than I needed just to get the extra width I needed which meant the shoes themselves didn't look as they should and gave me even huger looking feet than I already have! Don't get me wrong, sometimes I still get mega frustrated when there's a particular style I want and I just can't find a wide fit version, but boy is it better than it used to be. One thing that I always found a real problem was finding sandals and open shoes that didn't cut in to my feet and give a lovely cheesewire effect... so here are some gorgeous wide fit offerings to keep your feet cute and breezy through the Summer.

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