I got that red lip classic thing that you like

As soon as I saw this tee I knew I had to own it, it just feels so perfectly me. We all know I love red lipstick with an all encompassing passion but some of you may not know that sometimes I can be kinda clumsy. I have really bad balance (which my Pete thinks is hilarious and takes advantage of all the time...!) which is why I only ever wear chunky heels, I frazzle my fingertips on my curling wand way more than I should and I have a possibly deadly habit of accidentally cutting myself when I'm chopping veggies. I promise I'm a grown up, really! 

On another note, did you know that at H and M their size XL now equates to a 22-24 in their standard size range tops? I think this is fab, I used to always be bummed out about not fitting in lots of the standard range pieces. To be honest for the first time ever I'm really impressed with a lot of pieces in their plus range, this skirt being one of them. I've wanted a PU midi for so long but never made the jump, mainly because the ones I was looking at on ASOS were around £65, but this baby was only £24.99! What an absolute bargain! I will warn that the sizing is not very generous, I got an XL which should equate to a 22-24 which is my normal size but it was way too snug around the waist so I returned it for the next size up - I'd suggest you do the same if you order to make sure it's a comfy fit. It hangs beautifully though and the PU is really nice quality, lovely and soft!

As it was getting a bit brisk on the day I was wearing this outfit I grabbed the same Evans crepe jacket that I wore in my last outfit post to keep the chill off but despite the cold I couldn't resist wearing my fave platform sandals to echo the black faux leather look in the skirt and my Primark bargain clutch that was only £4!

Is PU a look that you love too?

Jersey Lipstick Print Tee - HandM - £7.99
PU Circular Skirt - HandM+ - £24.99
Black Crepe Jacket - Evans - £36.00
Wide Fit Chunky Sandals - New Look - £24.99 (also in sateen)
Black and Gold Clutch - Primark - £4.00 in store

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