We flawless ladies tell 'em!

 It's Valentines Day tomorrow and I want you babes to do me a favour. As well as thinking and showing your significant other how much you adore them I want you to take some time to think about all the things that you love about yourself.

Thinking that you're a pretty awesome person isn't big headed or immodest (unless you scream it in the middle of a wedding perhaps...) and I think it's kind of sad that we're brought up to think so. Sure everyone has hang ups and wanting to improve yourself is no bad thing, but please don't get caught up only concentrating about what you dislike about yourself. Spend some time figuring out all the amazing things about you, be that a talent that you have, what makes you a great person to have as a friend, what parts of yourself you think are super cute, your dreams for the future... 

You're a wonderful unique individual and the things that make you different from everyone else are the things that make you amazing. Don't be ashamed of them, embrace them and realise how they make you something special.

I want to give a shout out to all the other bloggers out there who are helping men and women overcome and learn to embrace all manner of things they used to see as problems. Big love to all the parents and teachers who are educating children to be accepting of everyone including themselves. Much admiration to models and celebrities who are breaking the boundaries of what is acceptable to the media and showing that anyone of any size/shape/colour/sexuality/anything can be a rock star if they just believe in themselves and put in the hard work.

I'd really love for you to share with me what you think makes you wonderful - tweet me, email me, leave it in a comment - but once you've told me make sure you re-tell yourself every single day.

Happy Valentines you wonderful wonderful person!

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