The stars are out tonight

I'm not sure why but at the moment I just can't get enough of starry things. When I was little my sister and I used to watch a little animation over and over of a poem called Wynken, Blynken and Nod where three children sail a boat through a sea of stars in the sky. I really loved old shows set in space like Fireball XL5 and old foreign cartoons like the Cossacks that were very romantic about the night sky and the stars, so I think it's nostalgia coming back to me from my youth! Anyway, at the moment I can't resist anything with sparkly stars or beautiful old illustrations of moons and stars on and so when I spotted this cami from Definitions I just knew it had to be mine!

Unfortunately it seems like this cami is already totally sold out, I only got it last week so I was shocked to find this when I was looking for the link for this post. Perhaps as it went down so well it will be restocked though, fingers crossed. It's a nice stretchy two layer cami with a jersey bottom and a sheer mesh overlay that is embellished with the sequin stars. As you can see it's a nice relaxed fit which I think is a great juxtaposition against the sparkliness of the stars mixing casual and party styles. It also has adjustable straps which is a nice touch, I just wish it were a teensy bit longer.

The jeans I have on here are actually full length ones that I rolled under to give the impresson of capris. They're a really nice high waisted style by So Fabulous which are made from a fairly thin but very soft and nicely stretchy denim. The high waisted style is perfect for my pear shaped bod, I just can't wear standard styles as they fall down all the time with my waist being so much smaller than my hips. These babies are also available in blue and are £32 which I think is a good price for a nice pair of jeans. My only gripe is that they aren't very fitted over the lower leg so I'm going to have to do a bit of sewing to make them shorter and more of a skinny fit. I'm 5'7'' and they are really long on me so if you're petite be prepared to get them taken up by a good few inches!

I also must make special mention of these sandles, they are a style that Dani Vanier told me about at the Evans LFW catwalk show. She told me how they are the comfiest heels she's ever owned and she isn't wrong! They have a great platform on them which means that despite being high they are really kind to your feet and you can wear them for hours without getting that dreaded sting to the balls of your feet. They're wide fit too and are available in a few colours and at just £24.99 I think they're pretty much the perfect plus size on trend shoe!

Definitions Star Embellished Cami - Littlewoods - £15.00
Definitions Longline Cardigan - Littlewoods - £32.00
Wide Fit Black Chunky Sandals - New Look - £24.99

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