The Scarlett & Jo SS15 Bloggers Shoot

So you've already seen my behind the scenes video and undoubtedly seen all the buzz on social media about the Scarlett and Jo SS15 Bloggers Shoot, but I wanted to do a little post not only to share the final photos from the day but also to say a real heartfelt thank you to Gifi and the S and J team.

The first thank you must undoubtedly go to Gifi Fields, the Founder and Chairman of Coppernob Fashion and the creator of Scarlett and Jo. Gifi is a wonderful character, full of life and I hope he doesn't mind me saying, magically eccentric in the most creative fashion. He reminds me ever so of my mum and dad's friends from their days at art college in the 1970's. There's no doubt that he has an immense talent for designing beautiful clothes for both standard size and plus size bodies, but it's his passion for his work that sets him aside from the rest.
After only a few minutes of conversation you know that this really is his life, that he listens to every comment and really takes it on board - he mentioned to us that a few busty ladies had mentioned having trouble with a certain dress style and so he and his team are currently working on finding a way to introduce a more adjusting bust panel to suit different levels of boobliness!
It really was an honour to meet Gifi, he injected the day with passion and excitement and now I know why Scarlett and Jo continually release clothing that is a cut above the rest, it's because Gifi is at the helm ensuring nothing less than perfection hits the shelves. Thank you so much Gifi for letting me be a part of this, you are a real gent!

Naturally the rest of the Scarlett and Jo team and the group that were there on the day to ensuring things ran smoothly and to time also need a huge thank you, as does the wonderful Nicky Rockets who took all the photos. He's a real master with that camera and knows just how to shoot plus size models, he has all the right angles and lighting techniques on point and his fun personality puts you completely at ease from the first minute you get in front of his camera. As you can see from the photos below he really is a whizz!

Lastly I'd like to thank Betty, Elena, Becky, Georgina, Hollie, Gloria (and Ali) and Mayah for being so wonderfully warm and friendly and supportive during the day. It really was such a lovely lovely day and it wouldn't have been nearly as fantastic if I hadn't been with such a wonderful group of people. You are all gorgeous inside and out and I really hope we get to hang out and work together again in the future - mwah!!!

And so, here are the final photos from my sessions in all their glory - I really hope you like them as much as I do!

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