Local Love - Danique Hair Salon, Leicester

One of the questions I get asked over and over is about my hair, how I get it so blonde and how I've kept it up for so long when bleaching can be so damaging to your hair. Well I did a whole post about the products that I use a while ago which you can read here but I have to say that a big part of having healthy hair and sometimes in getting the perfect colour that you want is going to a good hair salon. Now I actually had my hair bleached and toned at my usual salon in Loughborough just before the Scarlett and Jo photoshoot, it cost me £77 and this did not include a hair cut... so you can imagine how disappointed I was when the end result was no better than when I do it at home and when my silver tone had gone after just one wash. It's a bit of an old fashioned salon and I just don't think they got what I was going for. Thankfully however a few weeks ago I had an email asking if I'd like to visit a salon in Leicester called Danique for a salon tour and to meet somne of their new stylists and have a haircut. Naturally I was very excited and jumped at the chance and so headed into town on the Saturday morning.

The salon is located just behind the Highcross so it's super convenienty positioned right in the city centre near lots of shops and parking and restaurants -  yay! My first impressions when I walked in were how beautiful a salon it is, nice and modern but with glamorous touches and nice dark wood floors contrasting with the white walls. There are a few floors to the salon I believe with the colouring stations upstairs and the main stylist and washing stations on the ground floor. I was met by my stylist Sean who was just lovely, I could instantly tell that he would know what I was looking for and when he heard how disappointed I was with my toner a few weeks before he suggested we give it another go which was so nice of him! The colour he got my hair was perfect, just what I'd been wanting for so long but never been able to accomplish and he knew just what products to use to keep my hair nice and soft and healthy. I was really impressed with the cut and style that he gave me, adding volume just how I like it and styling it with a round brush while he blow dried it so we didn't need to use straighteners - heat styling tools like that mean bad news for bleach damaged hair so use them as rarely as you can.

I can say for sure that I'll be going to Danique for the foreseeable future, the whole team looked were lovely and friendly and the atmosphere in there was lively and fun but most importantly they listen to what you want and like to experiment and try new styles and colours - something my old salon wasn't great at. If you're looking for a salon in Leicester I really can't recommend them highly enough!

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