So last night... we got engaged!

I'm still pretty in shock but last night Pete completely surprised me and proposed and of course I said YES!

We've been together for nearly six years now but we'd always said we'd buy a house before we got married, but low and behold last night Pete caught me completely off guard and we got engaged. He was very sneaky, it was my birthday and I came home to find a big box on the dining room table which I opened up to find a fabulous new Ted Baker handbag! I was thrilled to bits with it but Pete said there was another little present inside so I opened it up and rooted around and found a ring box which I opened and saw this beautiful ring. I still hadn't twigged at this point until Pete took it off me and got down on one knee! Naturally I started crying but of course said yes! It was such a lovely way of him to do it and I'm actually really pleased it was just the two of us at home rather than in front of a big crowd, neither of us are very showy so it was the perfect way to do it.

The ring was his mum's and is gold and platinum with seven diamonds. Pete's dad had bought it from an antique store and we think it's from about the 1920's - here's me being silly with it!