Reality Check - Sometimes you have to make your own happiness

Sometimes I get so caught up in planning for stuff in the future or worrying about things that I'm not happy about in the present that I forget to take the time to enjoy the things that I do love. It's one of my worst traits and one that I thought I'd got myself out of, but yesterday I realised that I've been stuck in a busy funk for ages now without even knowing it. I also make the mistake sometimes when I'm too busy to go on adventures of thinking that buying stuff online will make me happy. It's true that shopping is one of my favourite pastimes and I love adding new things to my wardrobe or pretty vintage stuff collection but it doesn't always hit that cheerful inspiration nerve and is never good for my bank balance.

I (mostly) had a lovely Sunday - I headed out early into the misty Leicestershire countryside with my sister and her boyfriend to a car boot sale where I picked up some mega bargains and then we went for brunch in town and a walk through the park before I headed home and baked a tasty crumb cake. The reason I said mostly is because since about 3pm I felt wretched with head and neck ache and a really squirly painful tummy. The morning however was lovely, didn't cost the earth and reminded me that simple things like this really cheer me up, make me more optimistic and really inspire me and so I should do what makes me happy more often!

To remind myself to get to making myself a happier lady I thought I'd make a list of what cheers me up, not just things to do but other little details that make me smile...
  • Heading out on a Sunday for a drive through the countryside to find vintage and antique fairs.
  • Lunch dates with family and friends.
  • Painting while listening to audiobooks or dramatisations on BBC iPlayer.
  • Finally over a year after stopping cake making as a business I can enjoy baking for fun again!
  • Snuggling up in the living room with the wood burner going, reading a good book.
  • Walks in the woods - the Charnwood countryside is beautiful!
  • Picnics at Bradgate Park when the weather allows, hanging out amongst the ruins with the peacocks and the deer.
  • Trips to country houses - especially Chatsworth!
  • Watching a movie with a big bag of sweet popcorn, sat on the sofa with Pete and Cleo.
  • Buying flowers from the market, arranging them in a pretty vase and then making a display in the dining room with lots of my pretty vintage bits and bobs.

So what about you? Do you have anything that you just love to do that doesn't involve spending lots of moolah? I'd love to hear about them if you do!

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