Inglot Duty Free Haul

Travelling home from a holiday really really sucks, you're on your wind down back to reality and you just feel in a bit of a slump. One thing that I find helps with this somewhat is the duty free centre at the airport. My first port of call was the MAC counter at Athens airport but then while wandering down to check out Victoria's Secret when I spotted an Inglot store, grabbed my lil sis by the arm and dragged her in! I've never been to an Inglot store before, I've only ever seen products that my friends have got and I was given a fab lip gloss a few weeks ago. The store was great and I was so impressed by the range of colours in each product. I also loved how everything was laid out by finish, so the matte, pearl and gloss lipsticks were all grouped together, the metallic, glitter and matte shadows were together etc. It made it really easy to shop and the ladies at the store were also really nice.

I picked out three things to bring home and they ended up all being in the lilac purple colour range....

I picked up two of the pure pigment eye shadows from the range, the first being shade 80 which as you can see if a gorgeous gunmetal grey with a lilac undertone. I love this kind of shade as it makes my eye colour pop and it goes with so many outfits as it's fairly neutral but also quite unusual.

It's a lovely finely milled pigment powder which can be built up to get a more metallised and bold finish. I've not tried it myself but I imagine you could also use a little mixing compound such as Illamasqua's Sealing Gel to turn it into an amazing metallic liner!

The second pure pigment shadow I went for was the gorgeous shade 22 which is an incredible purple gold foil effect shadow. This one really is breathtaking, it's like if rose gold had a sexy purple cousin. I have to admit that this one is a little more tricky to work with as the glitz is a little hard to control, but then again what loose glitter isn't? It's worth the extra effort of using a good primer and being patient to build it up because seriously, the end result it incredible and unlike any other pigment shadow I've seen so far.

Lastly I of course couldn't walk away without buying a new lipstick and I'm pretty sure I chose the perfect one. I've wanted a light purple lippy for ages now but all the ones that I've seen have been very blue toned which I just couldn't help but think would wash me out - not something a girl as pale as me needs!

There were three light purples in the matte range for me to choose from, 420, 422 and 426 the most unusual of them being the one I bought shade 422. I didn't know at the time but this is actually a new shade and I must say I am absolutely in love with it. It has just the right amount of pink to balance out the bluey lilac so it's a lot more wearable than most others I've seen. It's also one of the most comfortable to wear matte lipsticks I've come across and it doesn't feather or leave your lips feeling like they've had all the moisture sucked out of them when you take it off.

If you're ever near a store of fancy doing an online make up order I'd highly recommend giving Inglot a go. The shade and products ranges are fabulous and they have some really unique items like the nearly 3D holographic effect AMC lip glosses. The pricing is also pretty good, I got duty free prices on mine but online the matte lipsticks and the pure pigment shadows are both £12.

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