Vote for me for Best Fashion Blog in the British Plus Size Awards 2014!

So, you may have noticed a new little icon to the sidebar over on the right there. That is because I have been shortlisted for Best Fashion Blogger at the British Plus Size Awards 2014 and I just couldn't be more excited!

Now I'm up against some stiff competition but not being one for negativity I'm staying optimistic in the hopes that by some miracle I might just win, but in order to do so I need my lovely reader's help! If you could spare just a few minutes to vote for Sugar, Darling? in the Best Fashion Blog category I would appreciate it more than words can explain - you can place your votes here. You need to place a vote in every category but honestly it will only take a minute or so.

It feels like a bit of a whirlwing my time in fashion blogging so far but I've enjoyed pretty much every minute of it and I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I've had and all the friends I've met along the way. Not only this but the self confidence boost it has given me has been amazing and I'm just thrilled whenever I get a message from someone who has been inspired to be themselves and be proud of their bodies from reading mine and other blogger's posts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope for taking the time to place your vote!

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