Six of my favourite Instagram accounts

I just love love love Instagram, I've randomly found so many inspiring people, artists and brands through it and I just love being able to share little snapshots of my life that I'd like to remember - when I remember to! I thought I'd share a few of my favourite accounts today and I'd love to know who some of your favourites are too! 

I've posted about Micheline Pitt before so I'm sure it's no surprise that she's one of my favourite IG peeps. If I'm ever in need of a blast of glamour I head on over to Micheline's stream but I also head there if I need an inspiration boost - she's such a hard working, kind, intelligent woman that whenever I look at her work or her always lovely selfies it gives me a kick to get working myself.

If you're a fan of super clean, super feminine tattoos then you need to check out Alex's work. She does the most beautiful mandalas I've ever seen with her own spin on them and does lots of TV related pieces too using characters from loads of my favourite shows like Daria and really on point movie pieces too like Chip and Mrs Potts! Sadly she's not UK based but I really hope to get a piece from her when she guests over here some day!

I've been a fan of the original domestic goddess Martha Stewart for years now and have an overly large collection of her magazines. I love getting preview shots of upcoming features on her IG account which are always shot stunningly and usually make me want to get straight in the kitchen.

I love a good make up look and MAC artist and sometimes model Nikki Napalm's looks are always on point. I love how her incredible make up skills elevate her look from regular candy haired tattooed chick to ultimate alternative babe. Her make up work is always a little different too and I love that she tries out lots of more challenging and non 'beauty' looks in her search to further her talent. I'd just love her to do my make up one day!

Another super cute and clean lady tattooist here for you all, this time with more focus on adorable cutesified old school pin up girls. If you're a Tess Munster you may have heard of Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo as Tess did a stop there on her Australia tour and got an awesome fat mermaid piece from Mimsy! She's another one on my 'tattooist bucket list' although there are so many different things I'd love to get from her that I don't know how I would choose one!

This is the internet people so of course there had to be a cute animal in there somewhere! You may know that I have a little hairless Sphynx cat called Cleo and that probably tells you that I'm a fan of more unusual pets. Dita Von Teese's cat Aleister is a Devon Rex, they have similar faces to my little Cleo but have uneven, crimped like fur that makes them always look a little scruffy and I just love them! Aleister is definitely the cutest Rex I've seen and to be honest I'm kinda jealous that he gets to travel around with Dita and live in her beautiful home with her!

So, these are some of my favourite accounts - what are yours?

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