Style Icons - Blogger Edition #3 - Marie Southard Ospina

I live in a world of created beauty, I bleach my hair and I won't leave the house without a full face of make up, I wear bust emphasising bras and I am building up my collection of tattoos. I have never and still do not consider myself a natural beauty (which I am perfectly fine with by the way) and so when I meet someone who naturally has a perfect pretty face and a beautiful body I just love it. Marie is one of those ladies.

I first met Marie, ever so briefly, back in February at an event held by Simply Be at the Anna Scholz studios in London. She looked ever so stunning and when I got home I couldn't stop gushing about the tall girl with the wonderful curly hair and gorgeous, big, kind eyes. At that point I wasn't overly familiar with Marie and her writing although I knew I had seen photos of her before and so I found her blog and read pretty much the entire archive of posts.

Marie's writing is inspiring and imaginitive and I love that she references her favourite books, films and tv shows and shares lots of memories from her childhood - I love a bit of nostalgia! Marie has her own style and wears what she likes, not what the current fashion dictates, and I love and relate to that so much. She's also a big fan of pretty vintage things and cream cheese, just like me!!! Not only does Marie write her blog Migg Mag but she also contributes to Bustle, Simply Be, Huffington Post UK and Volup2.

If you don't know Marie's work I seriously recommend that you have a look through her blog and check out her articles, her pieces make me feel happy and empowered and wonderful and confident in my own skin - you won't be disappointed I promise.

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