Office Makeover on a Budget

It's pretty awful to admit but Pete and I have been meaning to do up our office since we moved in to this house... three and a half years ago! There's always been something that seemed more important or something else that we should be spending our money on but since blogging became such a big part of my life and Pete signed up for his OU degree we knew we needed to do something to make this a more work friendly room. We didn't however want to spend loads of money on the makeover because we're saving up for our holiday and so I started looking around for a reasonably priced desk that was big enough to hold a second screen. This turned out to be harder than I thought as most were really pricey and so I decided to look for separate legs and table tops so we could build our own desk, I'd seen a few different tutorials on ABM for tables and figured that with the help of a Dad we could get this done pretty easily.

It turned out that we didn't need any Dad power after all as I found us a table top and legs at the right dimensions for the space for just £29 at IKEA! Much much less than we had been looking at for a 'proper' purpose built desk but perfect for our needs, plus it was white which was just what I wanted to add an extra bit of brightness to the small room. The desk was seriously easy to put together (much easier than my attempting to take apart the old one on my own, but enough of that story...) and the legs just screwed on to the table top - it took five minutes to put together.

As you can see from the first picture up top there were some seriously ugly curtains in the room which were there when we moved in and never got changed - ivory with daisies embroidered on *puke*. Naturally these got changed for something far more fabulous, black curtains with fuchsia sparkles and pictures of Vegas show girls on! I snagged these babies for £6 on sale from Littlewoods about a year ago and knew they'd come in useful someday, they were meant to be for a little girl's bedroom but I guess most people are of the same opinion as me and don't think that's exactly a kiddy appropriate print! Worked well for me though as I got them super duper cheap and they're even the perfect size for the window! Sadly I can't find them online anymore but this type of tab top curtain is easy to make out of any fabric you find and like the look of.

As this window faces out over our little garden and the walkway and car park behind our house I thought it would be wise to also add a net half curtain for a little more privacy. This super cute polka dot netting was just 75p per metre at IKEA and I only needed two metres for the whole thing - I just did a slip stitch hem and strung through some elastic before ruching it to the right size for the window and using picture loops on either side of the window frame to hold it in place. Easy, adorable and it cost less than £4!

I think it's improved the room no end and I feel far more inspired and motivated to work now it's brighter and lighter and less cluttered. Have you done any room revamps of decorating recently? I love a good house tour post so do share if you've done one!

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