Blue Flower, Red Thorns

Hey guys! This week has been a real bummer for me, I really hope you've all had a better one than me. I'm so looking forward to my lie in tomorrow I can't begin to explain it! Despite the suckiness of the week I have a lot to look forward to over the next few months so I'm just trying to focus on that - Plus North, new tattoos, a weekend in Bruges, a week in Greece and my birthday in London. I really can't complain with all that to be excited about!

Another thing that perked up this week a little was receiving this beautiful dress that I ordered from the Simply Be sale. It's the Abbey Shirt Style Dress from the Project D line and caught my eye a long time ago but as I didn't have a reason for buying it I tried to forget it existed so I wouldn't want it any more! Naturally more dresses came along and this blue beauty was pushed to the back of my mind until I spotted it in the latest Simply Be sale listings and my love for it came flooding back! It was reduced to just £19.50 and at that price I just couldn't say no.

The detailing to this dress is amazing with lots of clever pin tucking and stitching and beautiful little mother of pearl buttons - I adore how it's a very formal and old fashioned style but made from a crazy psychedelic fabric! The fabric is really cool and light feeling and it hangs beautifully so despite the long sleeves and high neck it's actually really comfortable even in the warm weather. I don't think I would have liked it anywhere near as much without the waist tie to define my waist but if you're a fan of smock dresses you could easily wear it without the tie for a looser more tunic like shape.

I took the obvious option and went for red accessories with the blue and white of the dress, because I think it's such an eye catching colour scheme that makes me think of the 1960's almost as much as the style of the dress! Both the shoes and bag are old so unfortunately I can't provide links to them sorry!

What do you think of this style dress? Is it something you'd wear too or is it too old fashioned a shape or too bold a print for your liking?

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