A few of my favourite things - a video post

I have something a little different for you today my lovelies and not just the hilarious screen grab above!

I've been wanting to branch into videos for a while now, I have two outfit videos up already but I wanted to try something new and so decided to do a favourite things round up. It's a good mix of stuff covering beauty, fashion, hair care and there's even a book in there - I really hope you like it. I'm a bit awkward to start with so apologies for that, also this made me realise how much a nerd I look when I talk pulling lots of expressions and apparently not being able to keep my hands still, but hey we can't all be super cool ice queen types.

If you have any suggestions on anything I could improve on or if there is anything you'd like me to cover in a future video please either leave me a comment below or drop me an email, I'd really appreciate it! So, here's the video - I really hope you like it!

And now on to the products...

Have a fabulous weekend my lovelies!

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