Man Time with Murdock London - My guy's favourite products and why I love them too!

So this may seem a little unconventional, a lady post about the grooming products her guy uses, but hey I love the fact that my boyfriend cares about his appearance and likes to take care of himself. No offence but guys, if you use Lynx after age 18 and get your girl to pick up whatever shower gel and shaving cream is on offer at the supermarket you need to think about whether you should really be giving that man card back. There's nothing sexier than a man that can look after himself and I cannot explain how happy I am to see that caring about grooming, dress and appearance is coming back into vogue on the guy scene - although I must say if I see one more grown man wearing slip on shoes with no socks I will go AWOL. But I'm losing the point here...

As I said I love the fact that Pete is interested in looking after himself and to do that he uses various products from his favourite brand, Murdock London. I'm a big fan of all the products he uses too and so thought I'd share them on the blog giving both the male and female perspectives as to why they're so great! One of Pete's favourite things about Murdock is the smart, minimal and to the point styling and packaging of all the products. There's no fluff in the descriptions, they tell you what's in it, what it's for and where to use it and that's it.

First up let's talk about the Murdock London Beard Moisturiser (£24 for 150ml). I bought this for Pete last Christmas when I popped into their Liberty store as it had been high on his present list and it turned out to be one of the best gifts he got that year.

Pete says: The best thing about this beard moisturiser is how much fuller and tidier it makes your beard look, pulling in stray hairs and making it feel soft and conditioned. My biggest tip with this stuff is to apply when your beard is clean and very dry - have a shower, shampooing your beard of course, and then let it dry completely before applying a small amount of moisturiser and combing or brushing it through. If you use this stuff while your beard is still wet it makes it go kind of limp and it feels a little matted around the bottom.

Nancy says: I just love the mossy scent with a background hint of menthol, it's very subtle until you get right up close and then that lovely, ever so manly aroma gets you. Although it may seem pricey at £24 a bottle Pete is only just getting to the end of the bottle I bought him at Christmas and he uses it every day so I'd say it's actually pretty good value for money!

Next up we have the Murdock London Daily Lip Salve (£8 for 10ml) which was a very kind free gift when Pete made a big order a few months ago.

Pete says: Although I don't use this every day it's great when the weather is cold and my lips get dry, just one application sorts that right out. My favourite thing is that it's not too greasy feeling and doesn't go on too thick like a normal chap stick does. Menthol is the main scent that comes through.

Nancy says: This gives your man softer lips, what's not to like?

Now this was a little something Pete's parents got him for his birthday in February after hearing how much he'd like to try a Murdock scent, the Cologne Sample Set (£15 for six 2ml testers).

Pete says: This is such a great idea, especially if you're not London based so can't just head to a store to try each scent out. I knew I wanted to add a Murdock cologne to my selection and had tried to judge which would be my favourite from the descriptions online, but after trying them all out with the sample kit my two favourites were completely different to the ones I thought I'd go for. I gave each one a good test run at work and going out to see which I liked the most. Best of all, the set comes with a code for 20% off a full sized bottle.

Nancy says: This was such a great little birthday present and we both had fun deciding which were our favourites - thankfully we both liked the same two the best, then the tricky part was deciding which to buy in a full size bottle!

So, after much deliberation Pete decided to order the Murdock London Black Tea British Cologne (£70 for 100ml).

Pete says: I chose this because it was such a classic scent with just the right amount of spice to it, it wasn't too floral either which can be a turn off for me with some colognes. I'd be comfortable wearing this scent in any weather as it's fresh enough for Summer but warm enough with the peppery undertones for the Winter too.

Nancy says: This just makes me think of a smart, 1920's gentleman sitting in his club drinking tea on a hot Indian summer afternoon. Classic really is the word, with a spicy, herby, rich top note followed by a tobacco-esque undertone that you can't help but describe as 'manly'.

Pete also tried the Murdock London Cleansing Facial Wash (£24 for 150ml) which he really liked, you hardly needed any to get a good lather, the scent wasn't overpowering and it definitely made his skin less greasy. Another great product from Murdock!

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