Atelier Paris Rose Violet Lipstick Palette Review

This palette is my current obsession. At the moment I just can't use anything else, I long for the beautiful pale pinks, the bold fuschia and the simply perfect purpley plum. In my eyes the summer is made for pinks - pink cheeks, pink lips, pink nails, pink dresses. Pete often says he thinks it's my ambition to look like a human marshmallow when the weather turns hot, and do you know what? I think he's right!

I was very kindly given this palette by a friend along with another in beautiful shades of reb, both by Atelier Paris. There are fourteen different lipstick palettes available and each contains four lipstick shades and one glittery gloss. You must be careful with the gloss, it is very soft which makes it wonderfully easy to apply but means you can get a little messy if you're a little haphazard taking it out of the pan. Usually I find it's a nightmare to get glosses from a flat pan so I actually really like the softer texture. 

The lipsticks are very highly pigmented and can be worn in a thin layer more like a lip stain or can be built up for a bolder effect. The textures are just wonderful and very rich, some more creamy and some more silky and I haven't experienced any feathering or bleeding from one yet - a very good and rare thing when moving into the darker shades.

Atelier Paris's lipstick palettes are priced at £25 each and are available online here.

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